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When I'm using Spotify connected to my WiFi, I will randomly get disconnected from my modem and internet.  Sometimes after a listening to several songs or sometimes right away. 

I try and reset my WiFi connection on my phone and I get an authentication error. 

When I get disconnected, the only way I can reconnect to the internet and my modem/router is to turn off and on my modem.

When the disconnect happens, every device in my house loses internet and gets an authentication error when trying to reconnect to WiFi. 

This error occurs on my phone and on a Samsung tablet and it does not happen if I stream music from a different app. 

This is annoying, please help. 


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Hi @Sc78 


It must be frustrating for you to face such issues.


You may take a look at this post here and try out to see if it resolves your issues


Let me know!


Thanks for helping.  None of the solutions in the linked post worked.

I have found that the problem is related to bluetooth. 

I tried using Spotify with just my phone, so far no disconnects or errors.  When I use my Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, then the authentication error occurs.

I use Radio Canada app and I don't get the error or disconnect, only happens with Spotify.  Haven't tried other apps. 

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