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Widget removal explanation?

Widget removal explanation?

It's been over two weeks since you removed the widget and linked to a post supposed to explain why, but all it contained was a short messege that said that the widget had been retired. So I was wondering if the people you have working costumer relations have managed to come up with an actual explanation for why yet? Or are they still busy writing about how much spotify as a company values its costumers? 


So yea, just checking in...


I know you don't care enough to listen to your costumers, but the least you can do to show some kind of respect towards 10+ years paying costumers is to present a little tiny sliver of transparancy. 

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Hey @Svampmoln, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


They're always testing new ways to improve the app. Learn more here.


However, if you would like it back, add your support to this idea thread.


Thanks 🙂

IOS don't have widgets, and IOS is terrible in general. But I honestly don't get your point, where was the border? Was the widget removed from Andriod due to a black border around something in IOS? ...I don't get what you are trying to say 🙂


What kind of nonsensical reply is this? What does iOS have to do with removing a widget in Android?


None of the staff has given a proper response about this and the reason for removing the widget. Get**bleep** together, Team Spotify! I'm paying 10 eur/month for it to work, not to be broken!


Just look how big that gaping hole is where the widget should be (see attachments), along side the black music player widget. Oh, what's that? A small, indie media player can have a functional widget? I don't believe it!


Hey @Svampmoln,


Sorry that was an error on my side, I included that sentence unkowingly.


Spotify always has a reason why they change features and for this one it might be that the majority of Spotify users weren't not using it. None of us users has the true number of users acutally using it.


That way the devs can focus on developing other useful features requested by us users.


Also, iOS is far from terrible. You should give it a try 😉


Hope that makes sense.

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