audio stopping after each song

audio stopping after each song

After downloading the latest update to my spotify android app, after each song played the next song starts without sound, and the playlist just continues only without any sound.
Both while wearing headphones or playing it loud.
If I press next track it's fixed for one more track, sometimes if I press previous track it fixes it for one track as well.
It seems if spotify is opened and not in background it works flawlessly, but that is no choice as it drains the battery and I want to listen while idle.
Oh, and I already tried screwing with the settings, the seamless and the crossfade and the quality
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Yet another example of why we should never ever update the app.  If you have a version that's working, never update it.

Every update brings yet another bug, often repetitions of the same bugs already seen (and supposedly fixed).

Spotify programmers are the most incompetent clowns who ever tried to code.

I am having this same issue but instead songs will stop playing randomly during the song or after each song. I have to unlock my phone, open the app, hit pause, then hit play, which will make it begin playing again until it decides to do it again. I've noticed that if my screen isn't timed out and has the spotify app open and active on the screen it doesn't happen but once my screen times out it is at risk of happening again.

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