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external sd card

I read threads below, but cannot find the solution on using the external sd card. Should I reinstall Spotify with card mounted or just delete all data and make the first downloading with the card mounted?
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There were some issues with android 4.4.2 and external SD cards although I thought that was restricted to Samsung devices. May be worth checking with HTC support. 

Already in contact with them. They need to know app settings as per sd card. They say if it is set up in app there should not be the reason why the app should not run with sd....

As I understand they abs do not know and send this issue to you. Also they say that they cannot beat responsibiliry for type of mobile produced for HK and sold in USA. ... There is also other problém, maybe it will tell you something. There is default option if to download data from inet on int storage or ext card. Heh, they say that thisboption is not default, That all downloads are directed to int memory. What the f is that when int memory us limited and use of sd card is necessary! And they say there had to be some software changes done and they bear no responsibility. So, downloading to ext card us possible only for camera shoots. It is not even possible to copy any data on the card - this issue is a bug od A4.4 discussed on forums. Now what?

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