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missing library

missing library

I have the free account and keep it logged in on my android cell and android tablet. Today on my cell phone spotify looks different and I assume there was an update. When I click library there is a favorites play list that I never created. It has just a handful of songs from my library. I'm confused as to where my library went. I used to shuffle those songs. I never made play lists. Anyone know if this feature is gone ? If so, where did all of my saved songs go ?

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From what I've figured out, there should be an icon in the top left corner. That brings you to all of your songs. I'm still trying to figure out how to shuffle all of them.

I think the library is now the Favorites playlist under the Your Playlists tab.

It happened to me as well. Had the older version, and suddenly it wasn't letting me log in on my phone (but let me log in everywhere else). Some moderator said update to the latest version and it should work fine. Updated and was able to log in. But now the UI is just an absolute mess and I am not able to access my basic saved songs library. 

I can't find the Icon. 😞

I have updated it and logged in as well and I'm in the same boat with still not being able to see my library on the phone and it looks completely different and things are missing ...

Have the same. Yesterday i couldn't log in, had to reset password, after that some songs from my library disappeared. Also all account i shared familly account with disappeared.

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