"No internet connection" error in Enhanced playlist mode

"No internet connection" error in Enhanced playlist mode


I'm using Premium plan on my LG G7 ThinQ Android 10.

There is an issue with the Enhanced playlist mode. It shows "No internet connection" on the phone while

  • playing songs
  • phone is connected via WiFi and has internet
  • listening the played songs on a Windows 11 machine with speakers using "Listening on" on the phone. Computer has internet connection.

Perhaps a weird set-up. However, as Windows app does (unfortunately) not support Enhanced playlist mode, I use my smartphone to play the enhanced playlist on my computer. I prefer to use the computer's speakers at home due to better quality.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a playlist
  2. Enable "Enhanced"
  3. Play a song
  4. Choose in "Listening on" menu a different device
  5. play a few songs until the error appears (may take some seconds).

The exact error message:

"No internet connection. To play this song, you'll need to go online. To play your downloads, turn off Enhance".

When I disable Enhanced playlist mode, the error does not appear.


Any ideas?


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Hey @DavidFlint,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


Could you give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall? This one is more thorough than the usual one.


It's also a good idea to try with another internet connection to see if anything changes.


If that doesn't make a difference, could you share with us the following? We'll look into this further.

  • The exact Spotify version that is running on your phone
  • A screenshot or a video recording of what you're seeing
  • Does the same thing happen when you try listening to music only on your phone, without connecting to another device?

Keep us posted.

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I did a clean uninstall as suggested without any effect on the issue. Changing to a different internet connection (Wifi, 4G) did not help at all.


I'm using Spotify

  • Android v.
  • Windows v.

The issue does not happen when playing on my phone only.

Screenshot attached.





Hi @DavidFlint,


Thanks for your reply and the screenshot.


Could you let us know if this happens with any other playlist where you use the Enhance feature? You can try creating a new one to test this.


Also, can you try playing an Enhanced playlist from your phone to another device through Connect, preferably another computer if possible, to see if this persists? We're trying to narrow down what the cause of this behavior might be, as we couldn't replicate on our end.


We'll be looking out for your reply.

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Hi, I am having exactly the same issue. I have done everything that you have suggested and the problem persists

Hey @dee2000,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this error message.


Can you give us the details of your device an what troubleshooting you've done so far, so we know what else to suggest in order to get to the bottom of this 🙂


Keep us in the loop.

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Hi, I'm also experiencing the same issue on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20). Has a solution been found for this issue yet?

Also experiencing this on my pixel 6 on only one playlist. I even created a new one with the same songs so maybe it's one of the songs causing an error. 

I've got this on my Pixel 7 Pro as well, I can play enhanced playlists on every other device, and I can play playlists with enhance disabled on my Pixel, but on my Pixel if I enhance the playlist I can no longer listen to any music in the playlist, downloaded or otherwise.

I'm having the same issue where I can't play enhanced playlists only, gives me an error about no internet but I can stream any other music not downloaded, as soon as I disable enhanced on my playlists that's not downloaded it works just fine. I have a Samsung S22 plus.

Same issue on Pixel 7 Pro - I started experiencing the same issue yesterday on a Playlist that worked just fine. Was there a new update?

Same here. Pixel 6. It works if I turn off enhanced. Tried deleting the downloaded playlist, force stop, clear cache, nothing helps.

Same on the moto one. All playlists work fine but if I hit enhance I get the same error message.

Same here Galaxy flip 4

Also on ipad

Same here on galaxy a53

I've tested this on an A53, on my Windows 11 computer, and on my Linux Mint computer. All of them have the same issue. Whenever I try to play any playlist with the enhanced mode enabled, the songs fail to play. On android, I get a nice little pop-up that says I can't play enhanced playlists without an internet connection. All desktop devices fail to play with no error message to speak of.

Same here! Samsing S20+ and Windows 10

Same here 😞 samsung a51, ive done a clean install, cleared cache, tried logging in and out, spotify is up to date to its newest version. Enhance stops every playlist from working, including likes, but they all work fine when enhance isnt enabled. The issue started today as it worked fine yesterday.

Same issue on my Samsung z fold 3 

It has been happening a lot, beginning this month.


Any enhanced Playlist experiences this issue, unless I toggle it off.

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