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"this track is not availeble"

"this track is not availeble"


I always had some songs thad I liked but spotify did not have them in their system. So I always import the track from my pc, I have a premeum account. And when I connected my phone to my pc the songs sync on my phone too. But now that doesn't work anymore, I can play the songs on my pc but I can't find any way to play the songs on my phone I tried evrything. I keep getting the message "this track is not availeble". How do I get my songs on my mobile version of spotify?
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Hi. Are you following the instructions here to synch the music to your mobile? Do you get any error messages while the playlists synch?

Yes I did but there is no way to get the songs played on my phone...

Do the tracks actually show up in your playlist on your mobile? Are they greyed out? What happens if you try to play one of them?


When you synch the playlit to you mobile, does it show the tracks are downloading? Do you het the grey download icon against each track and does it turn green?

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