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spotify not playing offline

spotify not playing offline

I just bought the spotify dou plan recently and i cant play any song on my phone when im offline
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Hi there @GOD26,


Thanks for the post.


In order to play content offline, you need to download the playlist/ podcast episode beforehand by pressing the green Download button. After you have some playlists downloaded, you need to switch on Offline Mode from the Spotify app settings. This way, the app won't search for an active internet connections and you'll be able to play your downloaded content.


More info can be found here.


If you're still having trouble after that, please let us know what model device you're using and if downloaded songs look grayed out or if you're receiving any type of error message at all, when trying to play them.



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hello good evening, I tried the method you suggested but it is still not working. I have a redmi note 9 Pro device.


The downloaded songs look grayed out and when i try to play my playlist while offline  it says the song is unavailable



Hi there @GOD26 


Thanks for the reply.


In that case, you're most likely experiencing this Ongoing Issue. Currently some users are unable to play downloaded content when offline. I'd suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed of the linked thread to get notified when there is any development on the matter. Our tech folks are currently working out what is causing this issue and fixing it.


Hope this helps.

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You have to allow Explicit content first.

Who decided it was a good idea to make the user have to manually toggle online mode? You can't make an app that detects when someone has a connection or not and switch automatically? 

The solutions are inaccurate. When it's giving an error in offline mode, it won't actually load up the playlists at all. Even if they're entirely downloaded. It simply won't load or use the app correctly. I keep it updated, do all the things, but this regularly pops up. It needs to be online or it doesn't "work offline". Sometimes it does, but often it does NOT. My best guess is you have to have it somewhere online first, get it all set to be offline. Don't turn it one without being online. But again, that makes Spotify offline totally pointless, and negates why I use it for my business.

My Spotify isn’t working on offline mode, bear in mind I’m on premium. And I have downloaded all music but it’s not working 

100% agree.  I run the mountains where there is no service.  I have downloaded content on my apple watch.  Downloads are not available... whenever they want to be!  "spotify is offline" - well, no sh*t.  That is why I am trying to play downloaded content.  It is an abolute sin that two rich companies, making hand over fist, cannot figure this out for their customers - and make something that we pay for work!  Shame on you!  A**holes.

Totally agree with above comment. A premium service without the service. Really starting to lose it with Spotify. The app is a disgrace

The "ongoing issue" has been going on for years. You never notice it until you're in an out of service area around the campfire and can't play the 30 hours of playlists you downloaded. I've been looking at old iPod Nano's since at least I can trust it'll reliably play music offline. My genuine experience with Spotify offline is that it'll work 1/10 times. You really have to treat like an online only service (that you pay for).

I am getting you are out of offline devices error while downloading music for offline use

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