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Spotify settings --> Car Thing states the following:  "A new update is available.  It will download shortly and install next time you connect Car Thing"  This message never goes away leading me to believe I am missing an update. Car Thing restart and factory reset = no dice   Uninstall spotify app from Android device all done and still same message.  On the phone:  App version 0.19.59.  OS version 5.12.11.  Car Thing:  App version 0.19.59, OS version 5.12.11. 


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Hey @worf87109 


Are you still having trouble updating your Car Thing device?


I think it might have to do with making sure your phone's internet connection is good so Car Thing can get the update. Please double check your phone's internet connection. Also try turning both Car Thing and your phone off, and then turning both of them back on.


The Spotify mobile app downloads the update and then sends it to Car Thing over the Bluetooth connection.


In some cases when I first got my Car Thing device, it didn't get an update right away, but after a few uses (device turning on and off) it was then updated. Like the message says, if you just use Car Thing normally, the update should auto install itself. However after some time, my Car Thing has gotten better at installing the updates.

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I still have the same issue and hasn't resolved itself after a few power cycles and trying the mentioned ideas.  I have uninstalled spotify from my phone and reinstalled, factory reset the car thing.  No dice.


Hey there @worf87109,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.

We understand you've already tried reinstalling the app on your device, but we'd like you to try, if not done yet, a clean (more thorough) reinstall of the Spotify app. You can find out the steps to do it here.

This process contains some additional steps, so the system of your device can get rid of all the app's files. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

We'll keep an eye on your response!

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