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[Subscription] Loyalty Program: Discount for Long Term Subscribers

For subscribers that dont have a lapse in their subscriptions - an incentive could be that every year you get 10% of your subscription price up to 50% off after 5 years of continuous membership!

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the previous Case Closed status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


No thanks! I'd happily pay Spotify more. It's cheap as chips at the moment.


$10 a month is not expensive. Heck, you can get a family subscription for $15 a month. This service is exactly where it needs to be price wise. Id even pay 20 a month if it had more functionality in the interface. 


Saving $5 a month will put another $1000 in my son's college account. The price of things are relevent to each persons situation. Priorities dictate what is expensive and inexpensive. 


Life is always relative. I remember when I was in audio school a teacher of mine said that Spotify was annoying because they weren't thinking about music. I always thought he was wrong. I think he just didn't understand that Spotify is the new face of the music industry. I'm sure Spotify always thinks about music, much like I do. It's tough to start from nowhere but no one knows what the future holds. It's all about taking well calculated risks. Play your cards right and come out on top. 


@AARGHB... Um.. not to point out errors but... $5x12mo=$60 at the end of the year so you're adding an extra $60 to your son's college account. That aside, let's look at the selection and overall cost. To buy an album, you are looking at, on average, $15 each. With the available selection, with the premise that you can actually find what you are looking for, you are actually saving thousands on what you would actually spend on storage, albums, time sorting the content, and new PC hardware to stream that information to your devices... All in all.... you are SAVING money by using a streaming service rather than purchasing albums. In fact, the family service offered through Spotify is a solid deal given you can have 5 people in your home access the premium service for $15/month. That, in its own right, is a good deal. Unfortunately, the search interface is non-existent and finding what you are looking for in the library is neigh impossible without first memorizing the advanced search tables and methodology that Spotify has in place. 


@Kaotika I'm guessing that @AARGHB meant he would save that much over his son's lifetime for the college account not in one year. I still think Spotify is great value though - you could say the same for anything: If your car was cheaper you'd have more money for your son's college, if your hamburger was cheaper, etc etc.


Out of interest, what do you find bad about Spotify's search? Surely you just type in artist name, album name, song name etc and it comes right up?


@samiles - The lack of an advanced search function prevents individuals from locating songs easily by release year, genre, sub-genre, and more. I know you can use the search modifiers to change what you are looking for BUT who is going to go digging for that other than someone as inquisitive as I am LOL. Yes, you can type in the artist's name or song title but what if you don't know what you're looking for? I find that I want to explore music released in a certain genre with a certain subgenre in a given year. The advanced search feature, as proposed in SEVERAL idea posts would make it easier for individuals to find new music and expand what they listen to easily.


Paying for an account to support artists is preferable because it's becoming harder and harder for artists to get their cut.


Anyone else think that spotify should not try to become political? See this thread  to voice your opinion and provide support! 


The current price for subscription is extremely affordable for the almost unlimited choice of music.

Remember how much artists get paid per stream. You could blame Spotify for this, but as hinted in another post they are still a company and their business model hardly assumes that they're 'raking it in' currently.

I'm quite happy paying a tenner a month. Give it a few years and I can only see this price going one way...

At this point it would be a nice gesture from them to maybe keep legacy costs for a year or two a la Netflix.