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Artist Access - URGENT

Artist Access - URGENT

I have sent three requests for artist access on Spotify with no response.  There is a new album release coming soon and our team needs access to this profile in order to get it ready, and also to get stats on the single that came out last week.  Access to the Twitter account was provided as requested, as well as all other official artist links.  What else can be done to speed up this process?


Here is the artist page link:

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Hello - The only way to gain admin access to a Spotiify page is via Spotify For Artists. You can register for it here and learn about it here. My understanding the turn around time on these requests is 2-4 business days depending on the teams workload. 


Please note that only artist and mangers can gain access to an artist page. Labels are not granted access. You'll also bneed to sync Twitter or Facebook while registering to help prove identity. 


Hope this is some help.

Thank you - I am the artist and have already done this a few times, its been about 2 weeks and no response.  I provided Twitter access, Facebook, Instagram, official website links, etc.




I'm having the actual same problem here. It's also been about 4 days waiting for a reply on whether the access is granted. I also did request 3-4 times and still no replies whatsoever. Hoping that spotify moderators receive this msg cause i feel that the service is incredibly slow. 


Here is my Artist name & Song:



I'm having the same problem, but I don't have a premium acount, maybe that's the problem.


I am having the exact same issue. I've submitted my request for Spotify for Artists nearly 3 months ago and no response. I've just released an EP and it would be nice to track my fan insights. My artist page:

Hey @smoothie3933 @djayjihad @pos57 @qarlofficial


If you are having trouble getting a reply from artist support,


You can:

• Tweet or DM @SpotifyCares on Twitter

• Send a message to Spotify Cares on Facebook


and they will help out

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