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Cultural Inclusion: Desi Music

Cultural Inclusion: Desi Music

Hi Spotify, 

As a desi person, I love listening to Desi music and I was so pumped to see there was a whole browse section dedicated to it. But, Desi includes more than just India. I'm Pakistani and I think it's super important to either call it Indian music or include Urdu/Pakistani music as its own playlist within the Desi section. I really hope you can make this addition because Desi isn't just Indian. It's Pakistani's and Bengali's and Sri Lankans. 


Thank you so much

1 Reply

Hi there @izza_ali,

thanks for reaching out to the community about this !


The Spotify community has a great section called "Ideas".

This section functions as an open stage for users to suggest their ideas or share any thoughts they have regarding the service or content.


Upon sharing your idea, users across the community will be able to add their +VOTE and comment to promote it.


If you're unsure of how to submit your idea correctly, please learn so visiting this official Spotify answer.


Furthermore, you can read all about the way your feedback reaches the right Spotify factors through this Spotify answer.


Hope this helps 🙂

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