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Remove Joe Rogan podcast as suggestion

Remove Joe Rogan podcast as suggestion

How do I remove Joe Rogan as a suggested podcast? Or other "shows to try"? And I would like an actual answer, not the canned "we're always adding new features for you to try" BS answers that plague the help section. If you're trying to force us to see/view that program, just tell us that. Don't pretend it's a feature. It isn't. 

37 Replies

Hey @pregenesis,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


We understand where you're coming from. This is an option that we have currently not available. However, similar ideas have already been suggested and are under the eye of Spotify now - feel free to add your +Vote and subscribe to them below:

Any updates or changes will be posted on those threads.


If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.

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Lmaooo, that's exactly the answer they gave you. Idk if they are actually reading these things

As paying users, we should be opted out of promoted content. Especially right-wing crazy nonsense like Rogan.

Hi Oscar

Are there any updates of being able to opt out of Joe Rogan?

The podcast continues to be promoted, can not be removed and remains as unwanted and irrelevant as ever!



I'm annoyed having Joe Shmo none sense podcast start playing while driving and having to swift through the menu to find a different podcast WHILE DRIVING!!!! 


This is still very off putting. I am reminded of the shame associated with my Spotify subscription every time Joe Rogan is promoted on the platform. If I can’t ignore the **bleep**, Tidal is the obvious, best recourse. Bummed that you guys don’t take this seriously. 

Still looking for this option for the same reason, Joe Rogan podcast

This is so hilariously unhelpful

It is amusing with how long this service has existed, with how poorly they pay artists, and how much money they throw at idiots like the one in question here, that they don't have BASIC FEATURES that allow users to curate content properly. Like, what is your excuse for not having simple and basic functionality that literally every other content platform everywhere has? Does spotify employ developers or is that also too expensive? This is SIMPLE STUFF. EASY WINS. HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

Rogan has been popping up for me.  He's a polarizing figure who's views and listening  constituency is outright hostile towards me due to my identity.  Where's the line, spotify?  There are plenty of hateful podcasts out there.  Where's the line in letting me set one to "don't show" or "not interested"?  Keep him on your platform, I don't care, let other people listen.  Don't force him on me.

This is still an issue.  I don't listen to podcasts in general, but they're slowly taking up more and more of my homepage.


Now Joe Rogan has started popping up.  I'm not going to cancel my subscription, but it's for sure going to discourage me from scrolling down my homepage.


If you want the homepage to stay useful and used, you need a "don't recommend me this again" option, or sensible people will just be conditioned to avoid it.

i listen to exclusively DND podcasts. a community that is welcoming to all.


Why would i listen to joe rogan. seriously. i hope the next time the CEOs of this company order take out. its late, cold and missing their drink

Jo Ro has got to go!!  … what a waste of a billion dollars, guy talks to dolphins on edibles… amateur moron at best. No one should listen to his dumbass ideas. I’m cancelling. **bleep** you spotify

This forum, like many "help" forums, primarily exists to contain/defuse dissatisfied users.


It's a safe (for the company Spotify) outlet where our frustrations can be aired, with no obligation for them to pay attention or feel any shame.


To actually register a complaint, we need to either criticise them somewhere more public, or misbehave here sufficiently that the illusion of helpful containment is broken.

Premium plan, UK


I'm not saying "you have to remove him from the platform", but remove him from my home-page at least.


Given that I don't even listen to podcasts, it's obvious and desperate.

If people wanna watch that **bleep** go ahead, but don't try to force it onto me. I've never watched before so why would you think that I want it up near the top of my home page getting in the way of the things I actually use and pay for?



So this site doesn't recognise quotation marks & thinks that the c r a p is a swear word, I thought this was a tech company are you d u m b or something? (in case d u m b is also considered to be too explicit)

I really hope we can block Joe Rogan on Spotify soon. It makes me angry logging in daily and seeing his podcast on my homepage. I am deeply offended and outraged that**bleep** is still forced on us. I don’t even listen to any podcasts. 

I absolutely refuse to listen to a hateful right-wing lunatic like Joe Rogan who spreads misinformation. I should be able to block him just like I do for music artists (, but apparently Spotify doesn't want you to be able to do that. I assume it's because they decided to shovel barrels of our subscription money his way and thus want to shove his content in our faces.

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