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Stop personalizing playlists

Stop personalizing playlists

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Hi I know Spotify added this feature since last year or so but I would like to know if there is a way to opt of the "made for you" playlists.


For example prior to this feature artist radio would be general (not customized by my listening habits) so I would discover lots of new music. With this "personalized artist radio" I keep hearing the same stuff over and over again. 


This was asked before by the way but the answer/ solution was not satisfactory and at best super short term if at all:


Please help!



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Hey @zoltarspeaks,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Currently it is not possible to opt out of the "Made for you" playlist generation. But you can submit a feature request through the process described on this page.


Hope this helps.



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This is extremely frustrating.  What is the point of curated playlists if they forgo curation to cater specifically to the individual user's tastes?  I am already aware of the songs I have liked/saved.  For example, if I wanted an auto-generated 80s playlist based on my preferences, I would play 80's Mix, not the curated All Out 80's with some of my random songs added.  Why does the curation/editorial team exist if their chosen songs are being replaced by auto-generated ones?

I agree, this sucks Spotify! Please allow us to turn off this feature. 

I also really hate this feature.

I also do not like this feature. In the past I was able to listen to new songs because of playlists' updates. Now I listen to the same songs again and again. I am getting bored!

Yup this sucks.

Would love an opt out as well

This is just not acceptable. Having AI adding things to playlists fundamentally destroys this product.

I am very dissatisfied with this feature. I want playlist e that are not personalized to me. I notice that I constantly hear songs that are on my liked songs playlist. I dislike this because I want to discover new music as well, not just hear songs I already like. 

This is so incredibly annoying, literally every playlist I click is now songs that I already know. I can not find any new music ever, and the same 10 songs keep reverberating in my head over and over again, causing an immense headache.


Incredibly frustrating and is ruining my experience. If you do not provide an opt-out, I am switching to another provider that does not babysit their users.

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