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Why no TOOL (The band)


Why no TOOL (The band)

Hello everyone!!


Well I just recently discovered Spotify and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction here.  I need to know who do I bug to get them to add Tool to the artist list.  No songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available!!!  Probably one of the best HM bands out there and nothing on them.

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Ya know what is funny about Tool and other artists being "anti-streaming" is that they dont realize that the radio (FM/am) is like the original streaming music Chanel(s)...A huge difference though is that the music on the radio is bought and paid for by commercial advertising whereas sources like Spotify are paid for by us music Lovers, i.e. the fans. Tool needs to come to where we are.

As being a tool fan for years I can't even fathom their thought process on why not to stream music howerver my theory is that tool considers their music an art (which it truly is) and is intended to be listened to as a whole album. Whether you figure out the order or the overlay of some songs (wings 1 and part 2) this is what the band wants. Imagine going to an art museum and seeing only a fraction of the Mona Lisa and not being able to appreciate the whole painting. So in thinking like this why would up want to deny yourself the artful experience of these albums as a whole

Yeah, but much of Pink Floyd's albums are meant to be listened to in the
same way, yet one can find most of those on Spotify

Well all I can say it must be about the money not the art

Good set of Tool covers to hold you over until their catalog becomes available on Spotify.


Sorry Tool, but I'm not gonna haul around my big **bleep** DVD player just so I can hear your music when I go skateboarding (yes, I'm a teen, what do you want from me?). Your music is already on YouTube anyways, just put your albums on Spotify ffs so it makes it easier for us who dont want to sit through 30 second unskippable ads (youtube) when we want to hear the albums.

Funny thing is, I actually carried around My CD player boom box as a teenage just so I could listen to Tool when I was out on my skateboard... The Ænima album was part of my regimen for skateboarding and lifting in the gym...if only I still had a walkman-CD player...

Or why are Puscifer and Perfect Circle available?

In error, I thought Google Play had the Tool albums; however, I'd forgotten
I'd uploaded them to my Google Music library many years ago. Spotify will
let you store your library on PC an sync with your devices, but unlike
Google Music you cannot upload to the cloud.

Tool albums are very intricate they make you feel throughout the entirety of the album. Maynard has discussed this topic 100 times by now!! He doesn't want people listening to just one song in random is not the way the band should be played. If you haven't figured it out yet do yourself a favor and buy the records and listen all the way through! Apc and pucifer are not the same as tool and that's why they're on platforms such as Spotify!

I have the albums...but again...Tool was in the FM yeah, the
band can distribute their music how they see fit. I just find it a weak
argument to say they want fans to listen to albums in their entirety yet
the albums are not played as a whole on the radio.

Pandora plays random Tool songs, so that argument holds no water.

Hello Internet,


  I listen to music on both Pandora and Spotify's free versions, (mostly Pandora) and I have Tool on my pandora playlists. However, trying to find them on Spotify is impossible. If you are a streaming fan, this may be one where Pandora takes the cake.

Just support them and buy their cds! You can then just upload it to Spotify (:

"Tool are anti music streaming services so you won't find them on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal and probably never will."

Tool is available on Pandora.

Maynard, or any Tool members, are you listening???? You are anti-streaming because you want people to conceptualize the album as a whole instead of the sum of its parts correct?  Yet youTube continues to stream your music at a fraction of the quality.  IF people choose to enjoy your music on a song by song basis, wouldn't you prefer that they listen at a close-to-CD level quality?  At least Spotify offers streaming at a high-quality.  I would rather hear your songs on there than the terrible compression that youTube offers any day.  Food for thought.   Forward this to Tool if you know them please.

Well, Spotify would like you to believe that they have Tool on their app. This kind of **bleep** is why I don't subscribe anymore. Total bait and switch.

Ugh, that's a tease!


As someone else pointed out, Maynard is a hypocrite, as they have a pretty good collection of Tool tracks on Pandora (under my Nine Inch Nails playlist). Time for him to just suck it up and take the free extra cash. Stick to his wine and stop whining... 😛

That would be great but we can't get Pandora in Sweden.

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