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Why no TOOL (The band)


Why no TOOL (The band)

Hello everyone!!


Well I just recently discovered Spotify and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction here.  I need to know who do I bug to get them to add Tool to the artist list.  No songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available!!!  Probably one of the best HM bands out there and nothing on them.

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Yet they have A perfect circle. Tool needs to grow up they're missing out on connecting with million's and sharing the brilliance and poetry in their music. It's not about stubbornness it's about arrogance..Tool needs to get over the 90s mainstream vs under ground music. Inspirational music should be accessed by everyone not just the ones with the underground know how. They're creating scenes instead of spreading love and access to their musical interpretations and poetry. ITS REALLY UNBECOMING OF A BAND THAT'S TRYING SO HARD TO NOT BE A TOOL THEY HAVE BECOME ONE OF THEIR OWN MAKINGS. PISSES ME OFF CAUSE I LOVE THE BAND AND SOME OF THEIR SONGS INSPIRE FREE THINKING YET THEY CAN'T RECONCILE THE IDEA OF GETTING PAID BY A LARGE CORPORATION. TOOLS

Its funny that TOOL would stand there ground on this, which is remarkable more power to them.

Without scanning through this entire thread, I'm aware of Tools unwillingness to want to stream music, but, for the life of me I can't understand why Pandora (an obtainable free service w/ ads, or premium w/o kinda like Spotify) has it and yet a seemingly more superior program like Spotify isn't allowed or attempting to bargain about it. Half the reason my wife and I joined the Spotify community. Hopefully in the future, soon, this will change as obviously a lot of people share the same opinion. 

But Pucifer and A Perfect Circle is on there so why wouldn't Tool be on there same singer

There may be hope yet!


The rock band Tool is in talks to make its catalog available on streaming services in time for the release of its first album in more than a decade...

First off, not HM, progressive. Second they didn't want to be on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Different bassist, drummer, guitarist, goals, ideals

ok, we get the "whole album" argument, now, for the purists... some people just like to lissstennn to whole albumsss using spotify bro! beacuse in hi res with the right output it sounds almost like from the mother... and it's possible..! so TOOL BETTER GET THEIR **bleep** TOGETHER! and their heads out of their A55H0LES!!!

we want those albums.


hey  the mars volta did it.

Hi! I am here to help u get Tool I just added all of thier CD's to My Spotify account. My account name is jwolfecrow so just type in the Spotify search bar TOOL and down towards the bottem of the list you will find me and all of Tool's CD's. Also don't forget to let all of the Tool fans know Thank You!!!

I listen to everything on Spotify now.


With the exception of Tool. I just listen to their songs on YouTube. It's a PITA! And no, I don't listen to the complete albums. I'd like to and I probably would if they were on Spotify.

I just hunted for tool and thought it may be because they are anti streaming but I did find perfect circle and purifier.

Well that confused me! 

@jwolfecrow Was it removed? darn, I had hope. Oh well.



Citing this from the Rolling Stone article

Artist: Tool
Unavailable on: All
Why: Frontman Maynard James Keenan is a physical-media purist, having never allowed his Nineties alt-metal powerhouse's catalog on iTunes or any streaming service. Digital music, he told the Phoenix New Times in 2013, is "just this disconnected thing that you can't touch and feel and experience." His longtime side project Puscifer, however, is available everywhere.

Well, I'd be confused as well, to be honest.
But life doesn't always make sense... : )

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Yet "A Perfect Circle" and "Puscifer" are both on Spotify. How's that for consistency? 

Wait... Maynard doesn't think I should listen to Tool unless I can carve an hour out of my day and give the entire album my undivded attention? Does Maynard think his entire audience is employed and childless? "Sorry honey, I know the baby's crying, but I'm on "Hooker With a **bleep**" and I have eight tracks to go... can't help you right now!".


Seriously, Maynard? Are you that utterly divorced from the world the rest of us live in?

So don't listen to tool then tool boy

But their other band A Perfect Circle is on Spotify. Surely they use the same thing as Tool, so it doesn't make sense....

I'm pretty sure the reason/hint is in the band name.

The head of Tool is Maynard, you can’t tell me he is anti music stream when A Perfect Cirlce is on spotify, for thoe of you who think are fans of tool, A Perfect Circle is another band by Maynard which you could say is Tool since it is the same exact sound

They could just upload each album as one track if it’s such a big deal.

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