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Why no TOOL (The band)


Why no TOOL (The band)

Hello everyone!!


Well I just recently discovered Spotify and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction here.  I need to know who do I bug to get them to add Tool to the artist list.  No songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available!!!  Probably one of the best HM bands out there and nothing on them.

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Maybe it is the other members of the band that are against streaming their
albums, Maynard James Keenan, lead singer for Tool, who is also Lead
singet on A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, has their albums on spotify

Super disheartening. Off to YouTube I guess 

Please, please, please!

really hope that, with their upcoming album (which they will start recording now March 2018), they'll finally embrace streaming services. I mean... everyone already listens to their tracks separately on YouTube anyway... I don't think it would hurt adding their discography to other services.


What makes me a bit sad about it all, is that I really care for music statistics like play counts, monthly listeners, etc... and, with such a late addition of their discography to Spotify, that would also infer low statistics. Thanks to for storing their 113.2M scrobbles at least.

I had also the same frustation.

I've found two of their musics on Spotify (the first is a cover and the second is a version):

- Schism - Lo Mejor del Rock de los 90

- 46 and 2 - O'keefe Music Fundation

There is also a band i've found to be very (very very very) influenced by Tool on one of their albuns:

Album: Cognitive / Band name: Soen


then why is a perfect circle on spotify ?

From what I understand Maynard wants people to listen to tool one whole album at a time not songs at a time? I cannot remember where I heard that but it may have some validity to it not 100% sure but cool to think about 

So instead of capitolizing on the opportunity they'd prefer I go online, download it illiegally which literally takes five minutes to do their entire catalogues and just add them to my library? I pay for Spotify because I refuse to pay top dollar for albums and then have to pay rediculously inflated scalper prices in hopes to even see most of these artists live. The whole industry is a disgusting greed pig.

fyi, maynard isnt the frontman for a perfect circle. He sings lead in a lot of the songs, but billy howerdel is the frontman.

Everything that’s already been said is true. However, Tool(apparently) has been talking to services like Apple Music and Spotify and may make their next album available on these services. If that happens, they will also make their entire library available (hopefully that includes Salival!).

APC is very different from Tool. Tool albums are very thematic, and all the members (including Maynard) want all the albums to be viewed as whole pieces instead of people being able to cherrypick singles from certain albums

They have released singles in the past. I'd take them in any way the band would like me to listen to them. If it were not for their release of singles to be played on radio and music TV in the first place, they would not have the choice whether to stream or not. Their singles got their entire CDs listened to. Rarely do I randomly buy an entire CD, not having heard any of it in the past. I don't buy this 'entire CD' argument I am reading here, no sense there. Tool has always been different form everyone and everything else out there. So extreme, got to love them !!!!

If the article is accurate, I don't think I am missing much aside from Tool. I have several Beatles songs on a spotify playlist..

I did buy their vinyl. I also want to listen while I'm at the gym on my phone without having to take up storage on my phone. 


I bet this all just because of Maynards' high and might**bleep**. Whatever, it's his music. 

To listen to Tool you have to buy the CD's from Maynard in his basement

Not Correct. Tool is in talks with Apple and Spotify to release all their albums with their new album. This explains why they were removed from Pandora recently. I can reference you Maynards twitter saying it would be "stupid" of tool not to explore streaming services.  Also Pandora has streamed Tool since they have existed until very recently. It seems like a marketing ploy, take away all streaming before the new album release to get the superfans to buy all the albums. Then when the new album is released reach all the fans within hours by letting it stream along with all their old material. Makes perfect business sense. There isnt a store that I can buy a CD for 50 miles. No joke 50 miles and I live in the suburbs. When the new album is released that means they will need to wait months until I go into town to get my money but with streaming they get my money every time I listen. 

Why WOULD they? Is the question... If they could, they would never have sold their cds or vynal. Only a small handful of us could understand this. Tool isn't for the mainstream. It is for those who have been at rock bottom, or are there now. This is medicine, not music... And anyone wearing a tool shirt is a TOOL, as it clearly states on the shirt you are wearing.


I don't hold a grudge... It's just not as black and white as it may seem.

So they NEVER wanted to get suckered into this "recording" stuff. Reaching a wider audience. Having it around in 2100 when no one knows what TOOL is. Forget this "recording" stuff.

Kinda of annoying that Perfect Circle is so widley avaiable on spotify but not Tool.. Always having to rely on soundcloud and youtube kinda sucks.

That sounds strange to me because the lead singer is also lead for a perfect circle and outsider, and not only are those bands on spotify, but so are their most recent albums.

My thoughts... exactly...

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