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"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

As of version and the version prior to that has caused the lyrics from my personal playlist in my device 'Samsung-SMJ250F' to disappear, at first I thought it was brcause the songs were old but way older songs still had lyrics
The playlist is a private playlist featuring all songs of 'DragonForce'
and after the update none of the songs had lyrics.

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they are not loading and im not sure why could you help?

Some songs that I've been listening to had the lyrics deleted(?) for some reason. For example: "One day" by Lovejoy had its lyrics available, but now for some reasong it just says "Looks like we don't know the lyrics for this song" even tho they ARE available on musixmatch. Some other people also confirmed that the lyrics are not showing for them too.

I have Spotify app on my android phone and Roku. Both app is not loading lyrics even when the song is lyrics supported.

It says "you'll have to guess the lyrics..."

Al poner músicas famosas como butter de BTS o otras, solo me sale un texto de "lo siento, no tenemos la letra de esta canción", "mmm.. al parecer aun no encontramos la letra", pero realice el test de la aplicación para ver si había algo mal pero deberían salirme la letra de la canción.

Im trying to learn the song and looking up the lyrics doesn't hit like on spotify. Im on a Samsung if that helps.

when you click a song and wanna see the lyrics, most of songs dont have lyrics. It says “Couldn't load the lyrics for this song”.

i think i have the same issue as you, i got 2 questions. 
1, do only some songs have lyrics?
2, do lyrics work on another account?


(i haven't found a fix either)

they have lyrics but they dont loading

My complaint is that no lyrics for any song shows. It used to a few months ago but it suddenly changed. Is there any ways to bring it back?

it seems most song lyrics on my laptop says "we don't know the lyrics", even songs that have lyrics in the past.


Plan: Free

Country: United Kingdom

Device: Laptop

OS: Windows 10

This feels like its behind a paywall... ALL LYRICS have vanished. There is not one song I have come across for a long time now that has had lyrics to it. And all they can say is "Sorry, maybe try again later." Its been nearly a year since this issue was first reported. And this is way past later.

I am a premium user and I can't see lyrics anymore either. This is something on Spotify's end.

This has been going on for months and almost every song i listen to, i know that the lyrics are not provided directly from spotify ans they have a provider but this issue is not recurrent with any of my friends' accounts so i think it's mine and i dont know what to do.

Já saiu e entrei no app duas vezes e nada de aparece as letras nas músicas em vez disso aparece um texto "não foi possível carregar a letra de tal música, por exemplo isso acontecer em algumas pq a maioria a aparece as letras o que e estranho

Lyrics are not showing up. It was all working fine before. I tried every troubleshooting solution, reinstalling the app and everything. Its not even working on my phone too.

No lyrics are showing up for any song and my internet is perfectly fine






Ive noticed in the past few weeks that songs that had lyrics before have lost them, Wether or not Musixmatch still has them. Ive done some digging and ive seen it suggested that lyrics might be being made a premium feature. I was wondering if this was the case, Seeing as lyrics are a fundamental feature of any music app, Or if this is a bug that's being worked on. I know this isnt a 'my computer' issue because it's consistent what songs are missing their lyrics accross any device ive seen them on.


Am not able to see lyrics.also i was able to see it before.

Traitor, Love story, Vampire, and Before you go

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