Error Message: Failed to enable Spotify Social


Re: Error Message: Failed to enable Spotify Social


Just wanted to add to this thread. The totally unintuitive solution of clicking on "Connect to Facebook" and then cancel on the resulting window seems to have fixed the "issue"


Note - I never signed up with Facebook on spotify. I joined prior to needing to. 


Yoiu folks could simply add a link on this annoying popup "don't want to see this anymore? Then click this button."


But instead we keeping seeing this annoying message over and over until we finally break down and have to spend ten minutes figure out how to fix your error on our own. 




Re: Error Message: Failed to enable Spotify Social


i couldn't get this to stop on my mac. i've never signed up for premium but when i finally downlaoded the app on my iphone it gave me the trial which then seemed to mess up my app on my mac. got it working again and now this nonsense has started. i have never connected my account to facebook, yet when i look in my preferences i see "Disconnect from Facebook" and when i cllick it nothing happens. (it apparently did it but you have to close and relaunch the app) come on spotify devs, throw an alert for crying out loud. has no one over there done ux design?!? i concur with the others that this is mostly a ploy to get users to have all my spotify activity posted to facebook. i like facebook for certain things but i don't need people knowing every darn track i wanna hear just like i don't post a status update every time i take a breath or blink. there's a line (and it's NOT thin) between sharing data and cramming data down throats... hope this helps others.