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Next song starts somewhere in the middle


Next song starts somewhere in the middle

On some playlists (the last one this happened on was "Deep House Relax") when one song ends it starts the next some somewhere in the middle after an unusually long crossfade. 

After some investigation, it seems this is a feature that some playlists have. This behavior should have a setting to disable it as it's quite disruptive to the listening experience in my opinion. (and apparently, also everybody else who joined in on this thread) 

Important: This is not the regular crossfade! This starts songs literally a minute in, not just 12 seconds like the normal crossfade. This behavior seems to appear even with crossfade turned off!



Family Premium


macOS 10.13.6 (latest at the time) 

Top Answer

Hey @douira!


This seems to be something new or experimental by Spotify. There's an idea posted to add an option to turn this sort of crossfading off.


Hope this helps.

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Hey there everyone,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


Some playlists, like Deep House Relax on Spotify that @douira mentions, have beat-matched transitions even when Crossfade or Shuffle are toggled off.


However, as @apurba mentioned, if you'd like to disable these transitions you can toggle Automix off from the app's Settings.


Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can lend a hand with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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51 Replies

Hey @douira!


This seems to be something new or experimental by Spotify. There's an idea posted to add an option to turn this sort of crossfading off.


Hope this helps.

The bug is that the song doesn't start at the beginning. When the current song finishes the nest song starts somewhere in the middle. (like at 1:30 for example)

Yes, it does that and it seems to be intentional. 

That is a very strange feature. Especially because it disappears and behaves strangely like a glitch in the application. As mentioned on the other thread, I think an option to turn off such a controversial feature is necessary, especially because not everybody wants to miss the first part of a song. How does it even determine what songs to start somewhere in the middle and which not?

To be honest, this seems to me as a violation of the songs rights. To cut a song like that is akin to mixing it and is restricted. 

Spotify shouldn't be allowed to do that

Turn off crossfade in the settings.

Perhaps you have cross-fade on in settings, causing your songs to begin in the middle rather than start from the beginning...

I don't have any cross fade turned on...

Further this is not the case at all. Crossfade is a function that sets a
static fading out/enter for the next song, what's the max value? 15
seconds? The issue here is that in playlists such as "Deep House Relax"
some content manager decided that the song should start in everything
(that I have seen) from 0:06 seconds to well over 1 minute (!?)

Can you specify exactly what is happening when you
play the song, does it do anything or does it just play the song from
somewhere in the middle. Have you tried pressing the button to start the
song from the beginning?

Manually starting the song from the beginning works fine but that's not the point. The problem is that I'd like to hear all the songs on a playlist that does this ("deep house relax" for example) completely and not starting somewhere between 6s and 1minute in. If I use the next song button or just let the song finish it starts the next song somewhere in the middle and not at the start. If this behavior is a feature it would be really nice if there was a setting to disable this behavior because it feels more like a bug to me.

I got the exact same problem on the exact same playlist as OP.

Crossafade is turned OFF as well.


Spotify, can you pls take a look at this?

Open your playlist so that you see all the songs, then click on the song with the issue.

Then pause and play it from the list a couple of times, this should fix your problem.

This worked for me after a couple attempts. 


Hope it helps.


That is not the point. I know I can start songs from the beginning if I click on them in the playlist individually. My problem is (as it is apparent from reading this thread) that when I play the playlist normally (without starting each song individually) it crossfades the songs to start up to a minute into the next song. It would be really nice to have a setting to turn this behavior off as it feels very disruptive to the listening experience in my opinion. (and as I can see plenty of other people think so too).

I had the same problem as you, then i did what i posted above and it solved the issue for me.

It kept starting in the middle, until i paused and played the specific song a couple times on the playlist it stopped happening on auto playing.

I tried your method and it doesn't work for me. All songs in this playlist have this behavior. The point at which each song starts seems to be fixed for each song but random in respect to the other(non-zero) starting points.

They've started an "idea" to add a setting to turn this feature off here:

You can vote on it to show that you also want this problem fixed.

If it's not a personal playlist, have you attempted to unfollow then re follow?

Is it a downloaded list or are you streaming it each time, try uninstalling the list or entire spotify from your unit. 


I've only had issues with a song here and there, never many at the same time.

I think this behavior is an actual feature of this playlist. The first post in this thread says "This seems to be something new or experimental by Spotify" which I interpret means that is is not a bug but a feature. The automatic ahead crossfades only happens when I use the next track button or just let the song end. This playlist has it:

The "bug" part of this problem is the fact that an option to disable it is missing.

 (Note that the web player does not exhibit this behavior)

This isn't a bug and all of you sound like bunch of  lost puppies.  


Your cross fade settings have nothing to do with this "issue." The starting point of the next song is meant to be intentional to make a smooth transitioning playlist. If you don't like the playlist,  then search for something else. 


This seems to be a spotify corporate only feature for the time being. Next step up for spotify is to release this feature for premium members only.



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