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Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max

Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max

Whenever I use Spotify on my mac it will automatically set my iPhone volume to max cuz it is connected to the app on Mac

Very very annoying and my ears got blasted a few times because of this 


any fixes?

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Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @SharkyBoi!


I have always experienced this as well, so unfortunately, I believe it is the standard setting for Spotify rather than an individual issue that you alone are experiencing or that can be resolved.  I have found that the best way to avoid the volume change on my phone is to close the Spotify app on my iPhone when I play on my laptop.


I hope this helps! 

Thanks for the reply @ElainaD


This is a good suggestion yet it does not fix my problem.

Even I closed the app in my phone, spotify still recognize my phone is around and whenever I pick it up I can see the song that I am playing and in max volume. Saw this on my lock screen, so problem still exist.

I experience the same issue when casting to my Android tv (shield TV). I have found it is happening because my android tv device sets its volume to max because I have a receiver plugged in and control volume with it (so the android tv has a fixed, set volume that you don’t adjust). Spotify just sees the android TVs volume level (max) and for some reason sets my phones volume to this same level to match it. I’m assuming this is to allow me to adjust the volume of the android tv when it’s playing music by using my phones volume controls.

This happens on both my iPhone as well as android phone.

I can turn off fixed volume on my shield and then the volume control works like I’m assuming Spotify intends. It’s still dumb that me adjusting the volume level of Spotify is changing my phones sound output tho. After using Spotify to cast and I’m finished listening to music, my phone is left in a max volume state.

I consider this a significant bug that Spotify needs to fix.

Having a similar issue. When I'm listening on my PC and Spotify on my phone connects (which happens spontaneously), it will change the volume in Spotify on my PC to match whatever my phone's media volume is, which is usually very low. Very annoying. 

I agree with koolmonten. Combined with the fact that Spotify Connect can not be disabled, this is super annoying.

I have the same issue. I cannot believe Spotify hasn't realized how serious this issue is even someone has already posted this two years ago. Really disappointed on this!


This thread actually has a solution/workaround - if you turn off the 'Devices Lock Screen' option, you can only control volume through the spotify app, which disconnects Spotify volume from the iOS system volume.


The downside is Spotify Connect then only works when in app, so you can't control anything without doing it directly in the Spotify app.

i've had this issue on iPhone and just now experience it on the web player opening at 100% volume.
To overcome the iPhone issue I found a way to turn the 'master setting' volume down so my phone can never hit true 100% anymore. (link below)
On the web player I'll just have to be careful.
What I wanted to raise is that I have tinnitus, and every time you get a blast of 100% volume through your headphones you are potentially damaging your hearing further. weather you actually are or not, it still remains a very stressful experience.
It would be great if Spotify could take the time to look at this issue, that allow the volume to (not quite randomly) max out without the user's intervention.

Any updates on this?


both my phone and my wife’s phones keep setting the volume to max when connecting to Sonos through Spotify connect. It terrifies my poor 10 month old daughter because it just rattles the house at full volume till we can turn it back down to a reasonable level.


what could possibly be the benefit of jacking the volume up to max for no reason?!

Also experiencing this. This is an absolutely dreadful bug that needs to be fixed. wth, the number of near heart attacks Spotify is giving me by suddenly cranking up the volume to 100%... It's absurd!!!

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