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Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

So this is probably the 10th time this has happened in the last 3 weeks.


I will be listening to Spotify on my laptop at work, and all of a sudden, the music stops.

I didn't hit any keys, what the F?


I go into Spotify and it says Spotify Connect is now playing on "<Home PC Name>", my computer located about 10 miles from me.

First time this happened, I called my house mate and had him go into the room of the computer to confront the intruder in my home, but fortunately there was no intruder, only a Spotify bug.


Fast forward a couple days, hey it happened again!

And again, and again and again....


Look, the Spotify Connect is a pretty cool feature. I like it when it works. But this is starting to get annoying.


How can I keep Spotify from randomly deciding it's time to jam out my empty apartment, instead of my ears?


I'm open to just disabling the service, though I would like to keep using it because it's handy when I'm jamming on guitar and can control the music from my couch.


One more thing, I don't think it's my computer at home restarting and opening spotify because all of my applications/windows from the night before are still open when I get home.


Thanks in advance to anybody who can provide some insight into why this is happening.

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regarding "from @SpotifyCares:
No worries! We'd recommend following the steps here: and changing your password to something super secure, just to be safe. Could you also head to and click "Sign Out Everywhere"? Let us know if that helps /BK"...


YES, there IS WORRIES! This is happening to too many people for too long. When I open spotify from another device than is currently playing, I receive a prompt asking basically "Are you sure?" there should be a default setting to ask "Are you sure?" before switching devices - way better than random device switching - C'mon Spotify!

Come on Spotify... Today it happened this to me like 3 times, an iPhone Van Royd was using my spotify hahaha and it was from Russia or something like that, I dont even have a sticker from iNothing. Ive changed all my passwords (even facebook and e-mail) yesterday, now i`ve reinstalled the app, lets see how it goes, but this is at the least creepy, t the worst someone hacked my computer and stuff and its using my spotify premium account, wich is, idk if hilarious or creepy. If this keeps happening and Spotify doesnt fix it (as i assume), ill stop using it and paying for a crapy service. 
JFYI a few weeks ago Spotify worked for 15 min and then shout down, again and again, i fix it reinstaling.


I've tweeted @SpotifyCares again, you never know...

Please retweet and share so we get visibility !
Reinstalling the app each time the bug happen is NOT a fix !

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Spotify sucks

Been getting the same thing for a few weeks now.

Desktop app at work (Linux Spotify version 1: gets hijacked by the phone (Android Spotify version

Seems to be pretty reliable that it is hijacked after about 15 minutes...


Can't really see any pattern to what I do besides just listening... usually to the "Discover Weekly" and "Release Radar" lists... 

The solution I received from spotify worked for me. Log out all and change password.

This is happening to me since last week, it's really annoying because it happens at work. I don't have any strange devices on my Devices list, just my laptop and my phone, but it keeps randomly switching to phone (once it was playing in both when I lost internet in my laptop).


Could that be the cause? When the laptop loses internet connection it tries to keep playing in other connected devices? It shouldn't do that.

I'm experiencing the same problem too.


I'll be listening on my desktop and then for no apparent reason, that music stops and starts to play on my Android device.


In my opinion, there should be an option on the Android App to quit out of Spotify.  That way when I am done using Spotify on my cell, I can turn the App off.  Just pausing the music is not good enough, obviously, because when I am using Spotify on my desktop and it is also paused on my cell, both are logged into the same account. 


I can see how logging out of Spotify on my cell would solve the issue, but that option is a couple layers deep in the App menu.  And I assume I would need to tell it to log me back in when I wanted to use the Android App again (I have not tried that yet).


It would be so much simpler to just be able to quit out of the Spotify Android App, and then reload the App when I am ready to use it again.


You only need to do it once

I have been having this same issue. I have noticed that a lot of the times that the phone hijacks the audio stream is when Spotify starts downloading favorited tracks to memory. This seems to trigger the audio hijack. I have seen it multiple times now in the last couple weeks. Try to reproduce by favoriting a few songs on your desktop app and then wait until the mobile app tries to sync and download them. Seems to work every time. I think anytime the Spotify mobile app is "activated" the audio stream is hijacked. Hopefully this can help them fix it.

Also I have noticed that the mobile app does not seem to realize which device it is playing on. I have been playing on my phone now for a while and it still says it is playing on the desktop... I even tried manually selecting my phone as the device but it will not accept it. Says playing on desktop even though its coming out of my phone. I even went as far as to close the Spotify desktop app to see if it would default back to the phone. Nope somehow it is stuck on the desktop.Very buggy. It would be nice if we could just turn this fucntion off entirely. It's a nice idea but definitely not worth it at this stage of development.


As for the previous suggestions of signing out and back in. This does absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Don't waste your time. It is a bug in the code.

try logging off ever device and changing your password. It worked for me.

Well sure it works, in the same way as "have you tried turning it on on off again" works.

It fixes the symptom, but not the bug...

Ya its a poor workaround at best. The problem always returns.

Since doing it I have not had an issue. I have have 2 months with no
problems. Try reaching out to @spotifycares

I'm having the same problem since a few weeks, mainly from my mac it switches plackback to my phone and sometimes to my receiver. I reinstalled all apps, logged out everywhere and changed my password. Still the problems occurs at least once a day. It would be really nice if there would be a proper solution.

Wow, this thread is 2 years old, and this still isn't fixed?!  It just started happening to me 2 weeks ago, and now multiple times every day my PC playing Spotify suddenly and randomly switches to my phone, annoying my office-mate.  Maybe it should ONLY change devices when I press play on that device?  Why would Spotify want to change devices without a user action, that seems like a big flaw to me.

There is also a thread about this in the android section. According to Spotifys customer support, they are a aware of the problems, even though I can't find it under "ongoing issues". So don't waste your time by contacting customer support. It took them over an hour to find out that they already knew about the problem and where working on it. Putting your phone in offline mode seems to be a workaround (haven't tried myself), but no real solutions yet.

Also happening to me for the last two weeks. Sometimes i'm listening in my windows computer and the sound stops comming out from my computer and starts comming out from my phone. This is bad, but it's ok, the real problem is when Spotify randomly decides it's time to play songs in my Home Theater with full volume, man, that thing is loud! It can wake up the entire house and some neighbors depending on the time it happens. Also worse is that anyone using spotify in my LAN can connect to my home theater, which creates the strange behavior where we are watching a movie and all the sudden the tv changes to someone's spotify playlist.


Please fix, this is super annoying!

 I don't know why this is marked as solved, it's obviously still happening for a lot of people.


It's really easy to fix, just add this to your options, Spotify Developers!


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