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Video ads way too loud


Video ads way too loud

Listening to my music at a reasonable volume and then all of a sudden a video ad will come blaring on, seemingly at least twice as loud as my actual music volume. Loud enough to ****ing literally hurt my ears. This needs to fixed immediately. This latest update is just a mess. The lead developer and anyone who OK'd the update should be fired. The update should be rolled back until someone competent, and who also values user experience, is put in charge.
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Tweeting to @SpotifyCares is really the right thing to do: I received a reply and request for further details in no time!
Apparently the DO care. Nice work, @SpotifyCares !

Yes, please fix this. There is no need for ads to be so loud. Some of us listen at work and have to be on the phone a lot, and having a loud, disruptive commercial come on during a phone conversation is just obnoxious. Trust me, we hear the commercials at normal volume and if we're going to "convert" for your advertisers, we'll do it with or without hearing a loud, jarring sound.


On the same note, has anyone else here looked at the graphics on the Nordstrom ad and gone, "WTF?" like I have? I mean, what IS that??? (The Nordstrom ad is one of the worst offenders for being too loud)



I'm glad they are willing to respond in that public area where lack of response would be extremely noticeable (see what I'm getting at here?), but with all of my help-desk emails and in all of this thread here there is nothing but silence. It is clear that Spotify does not, in fact, care, other than to ask questions on Twitter about which they clearly do nothing. They have released two updates since they introduced the video ads, and still they are too loud. It's a simple solution: they send a letter to their advertisers saying, "Hey guys, our listeners do not appreciate the volume of your ads, please record them at a regular volume (e.g. less than XX decibels) or we will have to not renew your contract." 


Even TV ads are getting fixed these days...NO ONE likes this stupid marketing trick. Sadly, we can't just mute our Spotify like we used to do with TV commercials (before we started skipping over them on DVR).


Spotify, it is becoming clearer every day, does not care at all. About this time next week Spotify will no longer be my music player of choice, and I encourage others to also boycott them if they continue to refuse to make this very easy fix.

You can indeed block MOST Spotify Audio Ads - just use EZBlocker - Blockify used to work too - you can get EZBlocker by going here -


It's now been about 36 hours since I was last acosted by an overly-loud video ad, only the regular, reasonably-recorded audio ads. Is everyone else getting this?

 Spoke to soon. The past few days the too-loud video ads have been back, including Spotify's own ads. This is an AUDIO service, Spotify, let's just get rid of the bandwidth-sucking, too-loud video ads altogether. It is absolutely clear that you do not care about your listeners ears with your shameless pressuring to purchase a premium account. I'm officially done: this is absolutely ridiculous and I don't understand how you can feel OK about it. Good luck keeping your business going as you lose keep losing major artists and chasing your customers away.



A once loyal, but now completely dissatisfied customer.

I have exacly the same problem..

I really like to turn upp the volume and when the ad's come i almost blow my windows and ears to pieces since i got som badass sound system..
I quickly turn down the volume so its normal, and when the ad ends and the music starts again i cant hear the music at all and i have to turn the volume up..

Not pleasent at all,, and its been like this for loooong time now.. 

What are the developers doing?!?

I know. I commented on a thread like this a few months back. I assume it's just a fault because I don't find their other ads as loud, but still Spotify should be listening to us. Because this kind of thing doesn't drive people to buy premium, it will drive people to try to find a way to stop the ads by probably a ad blocker as previously mentioned in this thread. Or it'll drive people use Spotify's competitors.

Yup...they just don't care. I've been quite happy with Pandora and Amazon Prime the past couple weeks. Same ads on Pandora for the most part, just no bandwidth-sucking video ones that're too loud. Besides, it really seems like Pandora treats the artists better. Farewell Spotify!

Ads volume became too loud last couple weeks. It is not reasonable at all. I guess it is 3-5 times louder than the music.

If it is not fixed within 1-2 weeks, I will have to say farewell to this promising money loosing service.

Read the comments. Spotify doesn't care, so I've unistalled it from all my devices and computer.

Good job, marketing and sales departments. Time to sink another startup!

Adjö !

@toronto_moose1 good on you! That's exactly what I've done as well! Having the video ads RUDELY BLASTING way over the normal volumes got me SO PISSED!

Normal ads are good. I like to hear them. Good new informations.

BUT the video ads are like 500% louder then my normal music is...

Everytime I get this, my headphone explodes...

So right now, I don't use spotify anymore.

I switched to deezer, works great.

You can google "Spotify to Deezer exporter" and you should find what you need.

So all my music is in deezer now.


I like the spotify windows player a lot more, and I would change back to spotify again.

But until the "video ads" are that loud. I can't use spotify anymore.
Good thing is, I'm streaming. And everytime the Spotify Ad comes, people know I'm using spotify.

Sometimes I got asked, what is spotify. And I linked them. I linked them my playlist and all.

So well, the loud ads even destroy "more new users", just in matter for streamers.

A streamer CAN'T use free spotify, with ads for the viewers.

Because IF that loud video ad comes, it just scares hundrets of twitch viewers...

I'm fine with Deezer now. But I would be more happy with a working Spotify.


That's just my 5 cents.

Cheers Spotify Team

Wtf? It's still not fixed?
Seems like Spotify devs are even more retarded than I expected.

It's like 2-3 months now and there's still new ads and there's still not a volume fix released.

I'll also uninstall now.

Please guys,

Let's try to keep the discussion civil.

I have sent Spotify a screenshot of an offending video ad. They have
forwarded the information to "appropriate person" to deal with it.
These may take a while to fix it at the source, but they *are* working
on it.

I am happy to report I have today seen the first video ad that has volume equal to music.
Thank you Spotify people. You *do* listen.

I think you got lucky. I had two video ads blow my face off at work today. DM'ed @spotifycares again a week or so ago and still no resolution

Its very irritating when I am listening to calming music and then screamo music suddenly blasts into my ears. I respect that we have ads, but I am listening to calming music for a reason. Loud music and headaches do not mix, so please turn it down.

Same issue ... I play spotify in the background while working and periodically when I am on a conference call and ad will launch at a SCREAMING VOLUME and I have to apologize to all who are on the phone. So painful, embarrassing and just bad!!

Be happy!

On my computer the video ads are still extremely loud...

it was fixed for a few weeks, but now they´re as loud as before.



ps: sry for my bad english^^

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