Video ads way too loud


Video ads way too loud

Listening to my music at a reasonable volume and then all of a sudden a video ad will come blaring on, seemingly at least twice as loud as my actual music volume. Loud enough to ****ing literally hurt my ears. This needs to fixed immediately. This latest update is just a mess. The lead developer and anyone who OK'd the update should be fired. The update should be rolled back until someone competent, and who also values user experience, is put in charge.
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I guess the solution is to stop using Spotify until it gets fixed. There is no need for ads to be that freaking loud.

one of the new superloud ads is litterally a woman screaming in terror (for some new horror show).  When you have the volume super low to go to sleep and that blasts it scares the crap out of you.  I've been using free since 2011.  This has never been an issue until this year.  It's been getting progressively worse.  No I will NOT be getting premium.  My funds are too tight to, and even if they weren't, I refuse to support a company that tries to deafen their users to make a quick buck.  Fix it, and maybe I'll reconcider.  Otherwise, you are losing a customer, as I will be unistalling spotify over this.

I'm pretty amazed there's a this long thread on this and it hasn't been addressed in any way.

Ever since my Premium ran out I've had this issue. I listen to music at a pretty low volume because I have tinnitus. Add comes on and literally hurts my ears. The only way I can enjoy music is if I manually mute my computer every time an add comes on. It's absolutely not enjoyable, please fix it. 

Agred on this. It's so annoying.

BUMP!!!! How has spotify not looked into this issue that so many people are still having. This is ridiclous and embarassing for this software. Uninstalling for a while and you lost a past and future premium customer.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem. I am so annoyed of listening to that darn Maren Morris advert. I don't even like modern country. ugh

I'm almost certain that this issue can be fixed in ~2 lines of code. But I can understand why they wouldn't want to fix something that actively angers their customers to the point that they throw money at them every month.

Please FIX  it. It is really ANNOYING. Depending on the volume settings it can be WAY TOO LOUD. Using nice headphones can even hurt! I will use youtube meanwhile it is fixed.





Just had my ears blown out.. Quietly listening to music on very low volume and then bam. Thanks for that, Spotify!


The adverts I understand and am completely fine with, and I used to know some of the guys that work for the company when I was living in Stockholm, so I know you've got some very intelligent people working there.

So I have no clue who thinks it's a great idea to allow adverts to blare out at a completely different volume (i.e. full blast!) than the listening volume?!


Come on, fellas (and ladies)... Do something smart here.

If you must allow the ads to be louder, at least apply the volume as a relational level (i.e. up to +5 of current listening level) as opposed to an absolute level (i.e. full).


I thought that as I typed it, so it can't be that hard

In fact, if you implement it, you can have that idea... no credits needed




Chadso, hope you don't mind... I "unsolutioned" your post because while I agree, it is only a workaround. An actual solution to the problem shouldcome from Spotify.

I've even just posted (at the end of this thread) a simple way for Spotify to actually fix it.. Let's see if they do it

They won't.
The more annoying the ads are, the more people they will get to pay to get rid of them. It is a simple logic of economics.

Uh, no.  The more annoying the ads are the less I'll want to put up with them for the good of the music, and just use an adblocker to get rid of them.

We are in the "Desktop" section. There are tools like EZBlocker, but they should not be mentioned as a solution.

they should be mentioned when discussing the reality of the "economic" strategy of coercing users to buy premium instead of sitting through loud ads.  If you force users to sit through loud ads they'll more likely either stop using Spotify or just block ads altogether, neither of which are things Spotify should want to encourage in any way.

I like Spotify, but not the ads....considering a class action suit for hearing damage....I won't be back....YOU SUCK SPOTIFY!

The video ads are way way to freaking loud. I agree with that. I also think that it is a waist of time to have video ads. If your like me, you put on spotify, start up your music, and then don't even pay any mind to the window untill you need to change stations or wanna hear something spesific. But then again, my F keys control media stuff, for some strange reason. But either way. I don't know many people who would willingly flip to the window wile a video ad was playing. I don't have the money for premium right now, and even if I did, this is making me not want to pay for it. Video ads are also a strain on substandard connections. If you were going to watch the ad for whatever reason, you would be dealing with constant buffering. Woohoo!

What a terrible solution. It doesn't solve anything. Now all other sounds are extremely low.


I would love to Support spotify and pay for a premeumum account, it's just none of the Premumuim features are anything that would help me.


- I barely skip songs

- I don't use spotify on my Mobile

- It's not worth 12$ a month to me.


If they added to desktop

- Ability to use Secondary Playback devices instead of windows deafault.

- Made a Mini Window version

- Added back some Lost Functionality that was removed from perevious versions.

- Add useful settings that other standard Music playing programs have.

I'd definetly be Interested in paying for prememuim then.

I installed the ad blocker without any qualm. Blasting out my eardrums or waking my wife or daughter is not acceptable. I would encourage others to either stop using the service or install a blocker. If they feel the ad volume is a way to generate addidtional revenue the only thing to do is dissuade them of the notion.


This has been a known problem with Spotify, and its still not fixed...I've gotten so sick of these loud ads I just close Spotify and switch over to Pandora etc

I thought I already posted in this thread, but it seems I didn't. There are two methods of at least lowering the ad volume in Spotify's desktop client:


1. Enable "Set the same volume level for all songs" in your advanced Preferences settings. It is also useful to maximise the internal volume of the desktop client to 100%. This will help a little bit compared to disabling this option, but some video ads are still over the top afterwards. Furthermore the web player does not have this setting, but there you could try an adblocker.


2. If your sound card driver supports it, go to the properties of your playback device and enable "Loudness Equalization", "Volume normalisation", or a related option in its advanced settings. The standard HD audio device in Windows 10 and earlier versions usually allows this, see this screenshot with the open Enhancements tab and enabled Loudness Equalization for your loudspeakers:


Enhancements/Loudness Equalization in Windows 10Enhancements/Loudness Equalization in Windows 10

The drawback would be that everything coming from your sound card will be normalised which might not be desirable all the time. On the other hand watching movies with annoyingly loud surround soundtracks vs. hardly understandable dialogues also benefits from this setting in my opinion.


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