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Read the comments. Spotify doesn't care, so I've unistalled it from all my devices and computer.

Good job, marketing and sales departments. Time to sink another startup!

Adjö !

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@toronto_moose1 good on you! That's exactly what I've done as well! Having the video ads RUDELY BLASTING way over the normal volumes got me SO PISSED!

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Normal ads are good. I like to hear them. Good new informations.

BUT the video ads are like 500% louder then my normal music is...

Everytime I get this, my headphone explodes...

So right now, I don't use spotify anymore.

I switched to deezer, works great.

You can google "Spotify to Deezer exporter" and you should find what you need.

So all my music is in deezer now.


I like the spotify windows player a lot more, and I would change back to spotify again.

But until the "video ads" are that loud. I can't use spotify anymore.
Good thing is, I'm streaming. And everytime the Spotify Ad comes, people know I'm using spotify.

Sometimes I got asked, what is spotify. And I linked them. I linked them my playlist and all.

So well, the loud ads even destroy "more new users", just in matter for streamers.

A streamer CAN'T use free spotify, with ads for the viewers.

Because IF that loud video ad comes, it just scares hundrets of twitch viewers...

I'm fine with Deezer now. But I would be more happy with a working Spotify.


That's just my 5 cents.

Cheers Spotify Team

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Wtf? It's still not fixed?
Seems like Spotify devs are even more retarded than I expected.

It's like 2-3 months now and there's still new ads and there's still not a volume fix released.

I'll also uninstall now.

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Please guys,

Let's try to keep the discussion civil.

I have sent Spotify a screenshot of an offending video ad. They have
forwarded the information to "appropriate person" to deal with it.
These may take a while to fix it at the source, but they *are* working
on it.

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I am happy to report I have today seen the first video ad that has volume equal to music.
Thank you Spotify people. You *do* listen.

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I think you got lucky. I had two video ads blow my face off at work today. DM'ed @spotifycares again a week or so ago and still no resolution

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Its very irritating when I am listening to calming music and then screamo music suddenly blasts into my ears. I respect that we have ads, but I am listening to calming music for a reason. Loud music and headaches do not mix, so please turn it down.

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Same issue ... I play spotify in the background while working and periodically when I am on a conference call and ad will launch at a SCREAMING VOLUME and I have to apologize to all who are on the phone. So painful, embarrassing and just bad!!

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Be happy!

On my computer the video ads are still extremely loud...

it was fixed for a few weeks, but now they´re as loud as before.



ps: sry for my bad english^^