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spotify is responsible that macOS doesn't go to sleep and drains power all night long

spotify is responsible that macOS doesn't go to sleep and drains power all night long

I am only here to post this so others can maybe profit from it.


I found out that on my macbook pro 2014, macOS(now catalina 10.15.6) is prevented from going to sleep because of the macos spotify app.

Even if the spotify app is not open, the spotify app runs in the background and prevents your mac from sleeping.


I would say, this is massive on a large scale. My battery drains about 70% during the night and it's solely caused by spotify.


For me the solution is easy: uninstall the macos spotify app.

And I suggest you do the same.


Check your logs. Spotify makes calls every approximately 40 seconds. Unfortunately, spotify seems to be smart enough to not make its mem footprint too obvious but I found that it's spotify by exclusion & trial & error. I reinstalled the whole OS and installed app by app.


All day/night long. Lid closed, Sleep Mode started.


log show -last 2h --style syslog | fgrep -e " Wake " -e " Sleep "


If this log output shows you activity during lid closed/sleep time. Try uninstalling spotify and check again.


@spotify: shame on you. This is such a useless drain of energy and I am probably not the only one impacted by this. In which case this is massive...




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Hey there @ihavenousernamx,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community! Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread.


In case you're still having trouble with this, we’d first recommend trying to set up this script to run every time you close the lid. You'll need to give permissions for sleepwatcher once it's installed but we've tested it on our end and it works.


Let us know how it goes! We’ll be right here if you still need help 🙂

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Seriously? This is Spotifys answer to an issue that is around for years? Promote some hobby project that explicitly just works around your bugs? What if you use your Mac in clamshell mode and so have the lid closed all the time?

Do your homework and fix this. It makes Spotify unusable on a Mac! 

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