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2 annoying problems with local files

2 annoying problems with local files


tl;dr at the bottom

Well, one or two years ago i set the path for the directory to a hdd to put all my local music files in spotify, which worked just fine. But now i added a seperate folder and deleted the old ones, since i don´t need it any longer.


Problem 1:

Even after i deleted all old files, they´re still in my local files but can´t be played. They also can´t be deleted so obviously they´ll have to be listet for whatever reasons. 

I could live with that, if it weren´t for 


Problem 2:

No matter what particular folder i am creating, setting the correct path in spotify and run as an admin, they won´t show up in local files.


Sometimes one or two of them are, but next time i´m trying to add new files the new ones don´t show up, plus the old ones are gone as well.


So tl;dr

I´m trying to add music to the local music folder but they aren´t being added or even recognized.

I tried to delete the cache of spotify itself. I also run spotify as an admin. The files i´m trying to add are mostly off of youtube and i made sure they´re not read-only (if that would even help)

I even tried converting them to an mp3 (don´t know if they got some false data from the download by yabeat) but that didn´t help either.


I´d be more than grateful if someone could help me out here, cause honestly, it really gets annoying

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Did you fix it? I have the same problem on my macbook...

In parts. Try to give it a while to load. After choosing local files i left pc for about an hour and it kinda worked. Be sure to play the files on your MacBook while try downloading them to your iphone.

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