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7 Spotify Web Helpers Running Simultaneously


7 Spotify Web Helpers Running Simultaneously

I've always had Spotify Helper running, and i've never minded it. But after the last update, i suddenly have 5-7 of them running, and it's happening to both the mac and windows client. If i forcequit them, they will all start up again. 
It's not like it's taking much process or anything, but is there any reason for why it's running so many of them?


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To help with the slow down i right clicked each spotify helper task and set the priority to low. Then I unfollowed everyone i was following, stopped Spotify from posting to Facebook, deslected "enable hardware acceleration", deselected "high quality steaming", and i downloaded "blockify" which blocks Spotify Advertisements. Not sure if all that helped, but i figured it can't hurt. I feel liked following people on Spotify causes Spotify to eat up more memory b/c it's constantly checking for updates from those whom you're following which can obviously slow your system down...although to what extent I'm not sure. Setting priotity to low for each Spotify Helper task HAS to help to some extent. I haven't noticed my system slowing down since doing all this. Not sure which action helped, maybe all of them, who knows...try this out and let me know if it helped you I'm curious if it's just me or if it actually helps. Some steps may not be needed, however I'm not the most computer savy person out there so....yea. I've seen another post where someone found out how to block it by managing access rights but I have no idea how to do what he did. He inserted two different commands but I have no idea what to do with them. Tried googling it but found nothing, he obviously thinks everyone is as computer savy as he is so he failed to include HOW to do what he did. If anyone else saw this post and knows how to do it let me know. \m/

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