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Ads are still too loud - Using Spotify is damaging to hearing

Ads are still too loud - Using Spotify is damaging to hearing

Why are the ads so loud? Can't Spotify do something to correct the obvious difference in volume between streaming music?

Everyone reading this has likely noticed that you can have your volume (either on your desktop or the app) set very low and the BAM some ad you've heard dozens of times except way louder. It's super annoying, and Spotify does this to intentionally ruin your free listening experience.

This question is commonly asked on these forums, and I see lots of replys that suggest turing the spotify app volume up - this is not a solution. It simply doesn't work. It seems likely that spotify is posting these fake solutions to make us think that this is a user problem, and not an intentionally annoying element of the Spotify free service. 

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I am listening to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and typical of Spotify, the ads are very loud. I can even listen to "sleep meditation" and hear ridiculous ads.  


I am returning to utilizing your competition and trashing you to my networks.



Hey @sy-yxu_asqa6h and @m09g-57_3f89c,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community.


We have a separate thread where we are collecting reports of loud ads from users and passing them on to the right teams.


Make sure to head here and leave your information in the thread.



I've had enough of spotify and their lazy response to the this very common complaint bout your service. From this point on, I'm just going to record all of my s*** off of your site and edit it myself.

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