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All Spotify does is crash - Windows 7

All Spotify does is crash - Windows 7

Spotify used to be rock solid, but now all it does is max out my system resources and then crash. No error messages, it just goes completely un responsive after start. This happens on both my work laptop and my home laptop. I'm serioulsy about 2 seconds away from switching to Rdio, and I really don't want to do that, but I can't pay for something that doesn't ever work anymore.



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1. I click on the icon to open it.

2. It goes unresponsive and crashes with no error.


What I expected to happen

I expected it to open and I would listen to music


What actually happened

It crashes and I can't listen to music


My Operating System

Windows 7 Professional


Is your Operating System 32 or 64 bit?



Do you have a Service Pack installed?

SP 1 - completely updated OS


My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

Doesn't matter. It used to work anywhere I was.


Did you do a clean install of your current Windows version or did you upgrade from a previous version?

No recent windows upgrade, this has been going on since I got the "new spotify" with the follow option and the iTunes like layout


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Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

No. It just opens, my fans all kick up to maximum speed, the whole computer slows down and then Spotify crashes. Nothing else

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Ok this is total B.S. No replies, no "we're sorry about that we're working on it" nothing. Your response time is abysmal at best. And in case anyone is wondering I did fix it myself. All I did was roll it back to an older version using the link below and it works just fine.


Spotify you need to fix your broken application.



Windows 7 ... had to roll back to Spotify in order for it to not crash immediately after starting

up until Monday spotify was killing my fresh install of Windows 8 and Windows 7 prevfiously, BSOD, random crashes, wierd, finally located spotify as the common cause


since monday no issues so "something" may have been fixed




There was an update pushed out this week which seems to have fixed stability issues finally! 



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shame I had to completely rebuild my box to rule out another issue.


I dont want fancy features I just want music 😞



Just uploaded the newest update today (12/9/16) and my Spotify now crashes at every start up.  Have done a clean install and still have the same problem.


Any advice?

Same problem, still no answer for it - ready to cancel my premium and switch to Google Music.


Good job Spotify...

I am having this exact problem.  Click on Spotify, it opens, it closes.  Repeat. 



I do not seem to have the same problems as you but after a certain time the program runs. I get the blue screen of death.

It seems to relate to a driver of an onboard soundchip I got. It's a VIA chipset.

May I ask what soundcard or chipset you use on windows 7?




Sorry this is an old post... didn't realize these thing don't get automaticly closed after a good while.

Man This Spotify is not the professional comagny I hoped for....


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