BUG - Playing Empty Playlists

BUG - Playing Empty Playlists


If I create a list, the delete all the songs from it, then double click on the list, it starts the 'play' active state, but nothing happens.

I'm on Windows 10 > desktop > premium user.



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Hi there @nysteve,


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When you double click an empty playlist, the action of the app is to play it, but since there isn't any content in it, nothing will happen. This is expected and not a malfunction of the app. For a playlist to work properly when double-clicking it, there must be at least one song in it so the app can play it.


We suggest deleting the playlist itself if you're not gonna add songs to it to avoid confusion.


If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, give us a shout.



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What is the point of allowing an empty list to have a 'play' state? I think the double-click on an empty list should just be ignored then activate a state of play. What are your thoughts of not doing this?


Hi there @nysteve,


Thanks for the reply.


This is just how the app works at the moment. A playlist is a placeholder for songs. So if you double click it it will automatically start playing the playlist. If it is empty, nothing will happen, since playlists don't start to play automatically one after the other. 


If you have ideas on how to make the Desktop app better in the future, you can share your feedback in this New Desktop Experience Feedback thread. The info from there is directly passed on to the Desktop developer team.


Hope you find this info useful 🙂





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