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Block different song languages

Block different song languages






Honor 8x

Operating System

Android 10, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My library has some tracks and artists with the German artists singing their songs on ENGLISH (like Robin Shulz) . I've banned MANY different songs and artists in my daily mixes which was german language, but my release radar was terrible tonight. What should I do with that?

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hi there @VenterraZero,

Thanks for sharing this info.


Currently there is no way to select a proffered language of the the songs you get in recommendations. There are other users on the community who'd like to see this feature added in the future. You can show your support by adding your +Vote to this Idea.


Note that the Hide song function is not synced across devices, so you might see a song you've disliked on Mobile appear in a future recommendation. Other factors that influence your recommendations is what's the most popular music among people who listen to similar artists genres in your region.


Hope you find this info useful.

29 Replies

This is so annoying that I'm considering just switching to Tidal. Spotify has not done anything about that even though it has been requested multiple times in the past 5 years.

They must have got tired of seeing people request it knowing they will never implement it. 


Here is a new idea link

I get a lot of Finnish songs on my discover weekly. Its at the point where I´m thinking of ending my spotify subscription.

I don't understand a single word they sing, so annoying! 

I have to dislike like 5-10 songs every week, and only getting more?!?! Where is that logic?

I found a workaround, that helps somewhat: 

1. Start on a mobile device (this doesn't work on desktop as of this writing)
2. Search for "Czech Songs" or a similar term for the language that keeps coming up
3. There will be a "made for you" by Spotify playlist with a similar name (e.g. "Czech Pop Mix")
4. On your mobile device, click on the 3 dots ( ... ), and "View Artist"
5. Click on the 3 dots ( ... ) on the artist page and choose "Don't play this artist"
6. Repeat for every artist on the playlist (I know, it's a lot of work). 

I did this for the Spotify generated playlists for Czech, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Slovakian, Bosnian and Finish artists, and finally have peace, now. 

There are still LOTS of artists who sing in that language being suggested in my Discovery Weekly playlist, but they get skipped on playback (even on desktop computers). 

I guess this means I still get fewer weekly suggestions, because those song-slots are used up by songs I definitely don't want to hear... but at least they don't shuffle up and cause some anger welling up when a song plays for a minute until the annoying utterings starts.  


I still wish Spotify would give (paying users like me) a choice of what we actually WANT to listen to... but at least I don't get unwanted "language immersion lessons" that I didn't ask for, anymore! 🙂

Why does Spotify choose not to  implement this feature? It must be for a business reason because it cannot be a technical challenge since we can also filter out explicit content.

My library includes German artists with English songs (e.g., Robin Schulz), but despite banning many German-language tracks, my Release Radar still suggests unwanted German songs. How can I refine my recommendations to exclude German-language tracks and improve my listening experience?


After 3 years this feature still isn't here...

Three years and still dealing with this issue! Spotify, please revamp your algorithm at least! I keep getting flooded with Arabic and Spanish songs despite disliking them repeatedly. It's frustrating having to constantly remove them from my playlists.
I'm thinking of switching to another app!

This needs to be fixed. I listen to Punjabi, Hindi and English songs but out of no where it is recommending me songs of Tamil language. I know its also an Indian language but I do not understand that language at all.

About to cancel Spotify. It refuses to play or songs in English and I can't remove songs in my account. Just per Device and I am not even sure that is happening anymore.

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