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Bug: Advertisement Connection Fail, unable to continue playing music.

Bug: Advertisement Connection Fail, unable to continue playing music.

Hi Spotify Team!


This has happened twice today while listening to Spotify using the Windows Desktop Client, on Windows 8.1 64-bit,


I was playing music just fine, and when the track ended spotify wanted to play an advertisement.


At the top of the screen an error message was showing saying Spotify had issues connecting, and to try fixing my internet connection.


At this point trying to start a new song shows a message: "<song> will play after the commercial message."


The player controls show a pause button, implying that it is trying to play the advertisement, but nothing is happening.


Clicking pause, and then play again, does nothing.



The specific advertisement where this occured is for (both times).



1) Wait for an advertisement to play, but have it fail to connect.

2) Music is unplayable without exiting and restarting.


Possible Solutions:

- retry playing an advertisement multiple times, and if that fails:

- try playing a different advertisement

- allow advertisements to be stopped / skipped, with the knowledge that a user will still need to play a different advertisement before continuing music (on that note, it would be cool to collect telemetry on which advertisements people are skipping)

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I've been having this problem today as well. The only solution seems to be to completely shut down Spotify and then restart it. After which, it plays the next queued track twice.

Yeah, I can confirm it's happened to me again.


Again with the Join.Me Advertisement.




There is a problem with the connection to Spotify.  Please try again shortly. (802)



So far I've always selected the song I want to listen to next and haven't experienced the track playing twice yet.  I just hit "play" this time, so we'll see what happens.

 Hey guys!


Thanks for reporting things here.


We're getting it looked in to for you right now. Just something to check, does a clean reinstall of the app help (making sure to remove the Spotify cacche files)?


Let us know!


Hi Jason, sorry for the late reply.


This actually started working again later in the evening yesterday (around 6pm PST?), and I heard the advertisement at least once.


I've been in meetings all day and haven't had a chance to listen to Spotify but if it happens again I'll let you know!

it's happening to me with the advert, and no a clean install did nothing

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