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Bug(?) in Windows desktop app - can't find album

Bug(?) in Windows desktop app - can't find album

Windows 10 - Spotify Premium.


I started to get a problem yesterday (not experienced previously) where if I click on an album link from a track in a playlist, or if I do general search and click on albums returned by the search I get the following message:


"We can't seem to find the album. Please try another search".


If I go back and do it again (sometimes I have to do it twice) I get the album.


I exited Spotify today and a new version loaded (11.22.633), however, the problem persists.


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Hi there @MarkWilliams123,

thanks for posting !


I would like to refer your to this official Spotify answer which contains steps on how to perform a clean reinstall of the app (different than a regular one).


This might help renewing the app life and solve the issue in hand.


Keep me posted 🙂

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