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Bugs in the new desktop app

Bugs in the new desktop app

Country: Sweden

Device: laptop

Operating System: Windows 10


The new desktop has been out for almost a year but it still have plenty of bugs to be fixed. Can you please pick up some speed as some bugs are rather bad.


  • All bugs are related to latest desktop version of Spotify on Windows 10. There may therefore be solved bugs in this list. I am truly sorry for this long list. It is not my fault.
  • There is no release note of what you have changed in each new version.
  • System performance
    • Memory leak: Working heavily with spotify, adding playlists, moving songs or just playing songs from different albums or playlists makes spotify eat more and more memory until it dies and restarts. On my machine this happens when the process size reaches near 2 Gb.
    • The spotify servers are not dimensioned for the amount of customers. It is slow, it hangs and displays wrong information.
    • The system is sluggish, specially when playing from a network device like my Yamaha WXC-50 or any other Spotify-connected device like my Android phone. 
      • Operating from desktop lags (likewise from the phone). Clicking for example on Stop, next song, or slide the progress bar or specially when you hold down Shift+Right arrow to advance into a track creates flipper game. You have to wait after each "click" for the system to respond with the status. 
      • Jumping to next song from the now playing window updates the picture and song name first, followed by the progress bar (song time) some seconds later... Sometimes it switches back to the previous song again. It was bad before, but not that bad. 
      • And no, there is nothing wrong with my computers, equipment, wifi och internet connection.
    • Generally the design relies on that the spotify servers and network always is alert, or other events. This means that you can never rely on what you see on the screen. Examples
      • Nothing happens when you press the play button, until after a minute or so…
      • The currently playing song in green may be behind what the network player actually is playing.
      • The context menu does not show all entries. Sometimes you see that more choices like "remove from this playlist" pops up a second later.
      • Search results are incomplete. 
    • There is generally a lack of information messages on what is going on here. Spotify cannot be quiet when it does not have all information to display correct result.
  • User interface and navigation
    • Too many clicks to reach discography in the artist page. Remove the popular releases from artist page - it does not add any value. Display full list of albums directly instead of having to click on anything more.
    • When scrolling down a bit, in for example an artist page, and clicking on an album or something, then going with the back button, then the scroll level is lost, the artist page has scrolled to the top.
    • There is no way to list all songs by an artist from the artist page.
    • Context-sensitive menu hard to get rid of, it kind of get stuck. You need to click somewhere outside where you don't want to click.
    • New 2022-05-12: The discography has now been changed into three tabs where popular releases is default. Why popular releases? What it show is Albums + Singles. What is its value? Album should be default. Now if I click on Album, then click on an Album in the list, then go back with the back button, then Popular releases is selected again.
  • Playlists
    • Layout 
      • Not possible to change the width of the columns, it is too spacy.
      • Title and album should be on separate columns to make the list more condensed.
    • SOLVED 2022-07-22 Page up/down works twice then something steals focus. This occur after clicking in the the playlist followed by the PgUp/PgDown keys. If the TAB key is used to get focus to the playlist, then the PgUp/PgDown keys seem to work.
    • When scrolling up/down with the scroll bar or with the PgUp/down, the cursor does not follow, it is left far behind, so if you accidentally touch the up/down keys, you jump back a few pages. The cursor should be moved to the beginning of each new page when scrolling down.
    • Alt-left arrow to backup from a playlist does not work if keyboard focus is in the search field of the playlist.
    • The Home button does not work, you have to hit it twice as it does not show the first song in the playlist on the first hit.
    • Selection is canceled too early, for example when dragging the selected song list but not actually moving them somewhere. Before it was possible to drag and see how many songs that were selected.
    • Selection by keyboard usually skips a few songs. This is when you select songs by holding down Shift and Down/Up. It is also very sluggish when selecting songs upwards.
    • The function that detects if a song already is in a playlist is not safe since the song URL change now and then. It is not possible to easily see whether a song or several songs (in an album or playlist) already is part of a (another) playlist. It is not possible to easily see whether I have played a song before or not, and if I liked it. The information is there in the database.
    • For very large playlists (maybe +2000 tracks, not sure): 
      • Cannot start playing a song in very large playlist if connected to a Spotify-connected device. I have to disconnect the device, start playing by clicking on a song, then reconnect to the device.
      • When playing a large playlist on a network device, the desktop app periodically show the message "Spotify can't play this right now", about once every 5 seconds. I am not even touching the desktop tool, it is just there on the screen. This happens even in halted state, when no song being played!
    • Deleting songs from a playlist:
      • The list is sometimes re-sorted and you lose track of where you are. 
      • The list is also scrolled in the wrong direction as the cursor is wrongly placed. After deleting say 100 songs, the list is scrolled so that the cursor is placed 100 songs down from the place where the songs were deleted, that is, I have 100 songs above the cursor that I have not "seen" yet. The cursor should be placed on the next song after the chunk that were deleted.
      • If deleting one or a few songs, the song that the cursor now is placed on is not selected, I cannot hit the delete key. I have to move the cursor up+down or down+up to select that song.
      • Deleting several songs from a playlist with DEL key gives a confirmation popup. why why why? There is Undo.
      • In a playlist owned by someone else, when pressing the like button for the playlist or after dragging all songs to another playlist, the original playlist sometimes scrolls down to show the first song at top of the screen. Why why why? Furthermore, the first song in the list is not visible as it scrolls too much. It is similar to the Home bug.
    • Only 10,000 songs are allowed in a playlist.
    • Sometimes, tracks in a playlist are not numbered to the left, but instead with a note symbol. It comes and goes!? It seem to come when copying songs from other playlists.
    • Not possible to disable the recommended list of songs at end of playlists.
    • Unplayable songs 
      • Are greyed out, but if the cursor is placed on the line the grey-ing is not visible.
      • Not possible to select/sort all of them if you would wish to delete all of them (before there was an option not to display them, which now is replaced with something strange "explicit" that is unclear).
    • Private/public playlists is gone, replaced with "add to profile" and "remove from profile"???? This is bad. How was this announced?
    • Searching within a playlist 
      • It can only be done in one playlist at the time. If I enter a new playlist and do a search there, the search result in the first playlist is canceled.
      • If you select a track in the search result and then close the search by clicking on the [X], then the list remain at the top. However, if you instead hit ESC, the list stays on the selected track. This should work using the mouse too.
      • Sometimes when you press Ctrl-f to start search, it does not bite, you have to press Ctrl-f again. This appear to happen more frequently when you have scrolled down a bit in a playlist.
  • Search function was once in a while good, with good selection criteria och result. 
    • Now, many tags seem to have been removed, left if only year: and a few more. This is undocumented. 
    • No list of possible genre's to search, or information on the reliability of the genre's, where it comes from. Not possible to see what genres that a track or album is labeled with.
    • Ctrl-L clears the screen... I need to see the current page in order type in what I want to search for, like how the search function was working some years ago. Actually, the shortage is that spotify does not allow you to search on a song title or whatever that you see on the current screen which may be a playlist or album, and it is not possible to copy any text. You have to manually type in what you see on the screen which is considered a serious flaw in all computer programs. 
    • Furthermore, today search only gives 1,000 matches, and there is no indication whether there are more matches. Once in a while, 10,000 results were shown, then it changed to 2,000, and now 1,000… 
    • Ctrl-a does not select all songs in search result, it selects only the first 100. You have to scroll down to the bottom first, but it does not always work their either. This seem to be caused by a sluggish system and slow spotify servers. 
    • Search result of songs sometimes becomes crazy, it does not show all entries, some entries are there but not filled in with any information, selection Shift-down/up goes crazy. 
    • When playing songs from a search result, and the click on next-song button, the player stops instead of jumping to next song.
    • The search result tends to contain duplicates.
    • Search does not work in contents of own playlists. You can only search on the name of the playlists.
    • When searching for Albums, Artists of Playlists, the result in not manageable. It cannot be saved - you cannot come back to a search result later. You cannot even click on anything, and the back up to the search result again because it is no longer the same (it is replaced with a new search or at least re-sorted). You have to give extensive search criteria that gives a very small result that you can manage at the time, and then figure out a new search criteria that will give you the next part etc.
    • It is not possible to search for exact matches.
  • Please give proper error messages
    • For example, if a bunch of songs is added to a playlist which then would have more than 10,000 songs, spotify says "Oops, something went wrong". Oops is not an appropriate word in an error message. 
  • Other
    • The queue does not show the same amount of songs on desktop and android (not verified lately).
    • My profile only shows the first 200 public playlists.
    • Reading issues that other people have, Spotify clearly need to have a User's Guide. That help thing on the web is a joke.
    • Playing a song from a local library on connected device gives "Spotify can't play this right now".
    • The now-playing-song album picture is sometimes wrong, it is from the wrong album. Even if the track ID do exist in another album, you must show the picture for the album that I once have added to the playlist.
4 Replies

I see that there is a new release of the desktop app with major changes in the artist page. Can I tick off any bugs in my list above? I cannot see that anything has been fixed, but I have not tested all bugs. But I did add a new bug in the first post.

Is anything happening here? There are some nasty bugs in the new GUI that needs addressing! Can you please pick up some speed.

I see that you have solved the PgUp/Down bug in playlists. Thank you.

Can I tick off any other bug as fixed?

The bugs related to system performance is getting more and more worse. It is someone s show stopper to play via a spotify-connected device. Can you please take a look at this issue?

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