Bulk move playlist to folder?


Bulk move playlist to folder?










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My Question or Issue:   Is there a way to bulk move playlist to a folder? I know how to move one playlist at a time.  I thought maybe there is a Spotify folder I can do this in.


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Re: Bulk move playlist to folder?

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Hey there @Wardco,

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I really want to help but struggling a bit with understanding what you mean exactly.


Reply back to  the post and i'll do my best to help =)

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Re: Bulk move playlist to folder?

I realise this is a few months old now but it's pretty clear I think:

- Desktop app (not mobile - no sane person attempts to manage playlists on the mobile app, its awful at it)
- Imagine you have a sidebar with say 200 playlists.
- Imagine you want to organise them
- You create a folder, say.... "Work Playlists" and want to move 30 of those 200 playlists into that folder.

Current (horrible) way of doing it:
- Drag each playlist one by one uuuup the sidebar, hoping the scroll bar doesnt freakout on you and shoot you past your new folder.
- Drop the playlist
- Find the next one in your big long list
- Repeat the above.

If you use Spotify in a serious way you'll get how horribly frustrating playlist management is.

Desired Action:
- Click 'Manage Playlists' somewhere
- Create the new folder
- Check the boxes next to each playlist you want to move
- From an 'Actions' dropdown, go to "Move to..." which when you hover over shows a list of folders.

Given you guys seem to only employ 1 part time developer these days I'm going to assume much like every other suggestion on the forums that this will never happen.