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Can't get spotify to stop opening a bad playlist that I never followed/searched for. How to fix?

Can't get spotify to stop opening a bad playlist that I never followed/searched for. How to fix?






Two different Windows 10 PCs and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well.

Operating System

Windows 10 and Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

 Random times that I open spotify on any device it keeps defaulting me to this specific playlist:


No offense to the artist, and I'm sure it appeals to some people's music tastes, but I despise every piece of sound that is part of this playlist. I don't want to ever play it again, I can't give it a thumbs down to try to indicate to spotify that I don't like it. I'm not following it.. How do I get rid of it?!

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Hey @Sialek.


Thanks for getting in touch 🙂 


Wow, that's a weird a one! Have you noticed anything else that's weird on your account (deleted songs, songs randomly playing, random devices connecting)? 

Also, is this something that started happening recently, and does it happen every time you log in? 

Finally, could you send us a screenshot of what you see immediately after you log in and see this playlist? 





I have the same problem since a few weeks. When i am at home or lately at work or elsewhere and i closed the Spotify App, it suddenly opens, then it says that Spotify plays on the Chrome Web Player and it is alwys the DJ Dayna Playlist. And afterwards when i want to listen to my songs/playlist, the first few songs only last for about 2 and a half minutes and then the next song starts.

Hey @FMR1975,


Could you answer the same questions Peter asked the OP? 

Do you have random songs deleted or strange devices connected? 


Also, @Sialek can you update us on your situation? 


I am having a similar problem. It is not a regular occurrence. I will have Spotify open on my iPhone, but the phone is off. I will then pick up my phone and reopen the app which will do the opening playlist animation to some playlist or album I have never seen or heard of. For example, one time it opened an album from some artist called SiR, which I had never heard of before (nor do I listen to that type of music). It is not a hacked account (my listening history is all things I have listened to and there are no songs randomly added to my library). It is not the autoplay feature either (I have that disabled anyway).


This has happen in public settings and in my own house. It opened to some random person's playlist. When exiting the playlist or album, there is nothing on my screen that would have directed me there. It does not auto play the content either, just opens it (it has played when I have accidentally clicked a song when trying to click something it just popped up over).


I have tried to give an abundant amount of information to describe the issue and its context. Again, not hacked and it is not autoplay nor smart shuffle. It feels like Spotify is doing some dark programming pattern to advertise stuff.

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