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Cannot play ANY song?! - Windows Desktop App

Cannot play ANY song?! - Windows Desktop App







Operating System



My Question or Issue

Hi there. I use the Spotify desktop app on Windows every day. All of a sudden, I'm unable to play any song! Nothing works. No updates to my PC, no updates to Spotify. Nothing has changed since yesterday.


I've troubleshooted (troubleshot*?!) the **bleep** out of this and searched everywhere I can to fix this:



- Cannot play individual songs in playlists, from the home page or search function

- Cannot play playlists

- Cannot play a playlist folder 

- CAN play audiobooks???



- Songs play from iPhone app just fine

- I tried playing songs from the iPhone app, to then switch the current song on my iPhone over to desktop. Doesn't work

- Audio controls are greyed out (see screenshot)

- Uninstalled and reinstalled latest Spotify desktop app from both Spotify directly and Microsoft store

- Cleared cache


Big gold star to whoever can help with this!

5 Replies

Have you found a solution yet? Got exactly the same problem

Having the same issue. Can search for songs/albums but clicking play doesnt work. It does work if i change the connected device to phone or echo, just not through the PC itself.

Same issue for me as well (Windows Store app). I have tried a clean install but no luck. Still works on my phone and the web player.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community and welcome.


We've gotten some reports about this, but it's been fixed by now. If you're still experiencing this situation, try closing and reopening the app. If the issue persists, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall of the Spotify app. This is more thorough than a quick reinstall and might help. You can also try clearing your Host files by following these steps.


If none of that helps, send over the make/model and OS of the device you're using, along with the Spotify version you are currently running. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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when i deleted spotify files from both roaming and local folders i reinstalled spotify and some songs just didn't work i tried
restaring pc
clean reinstalling spotify
it didn't work.

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