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Convert local files to Spotify files (streaming version, not local)

Convert local files to Spotify files (streaming version, not local)





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Is there a way to convert local files into Spotify files which are available then via streaming?

The Shazam app is able to compare a song which has been found by Shazam with the Spotify database and to save a Spotify file in a Spotify playlist.

Up to now I did not find a good solution.

Using Shazam is a little workaround. Play a local file, shazam it and there it is in Spotify (streaming version, not local). Not very elegant, but it avoids lots of typing activity.

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Hey @LarsvomMars, thanks for writing!


Since the catalog you find in Spotify is comprised by music that has been uploaded by the artist, record label or copyright holders of the content, it's not possible to upload local files to have them available for streaming anywhere.


However, those local files that you have on your device can be synced into your own account. This way, you'll be able to listen to them on more than one device (Premium only). You can find more info on how to do so here.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

Sorry about the thread necromancy but I found a solution.

- Use the Spotify app to enable local files

- Create a separate playlist and copy + paste all tracks from local files into that playlist

- Use to create a CSV file of your the recently created playlist

- Use and follow the steps to upload your CSV and move it to Spotify.


This site will create a new playlist in Spotify automatically. It'll give you the option of downloading a list of "missing" files which it wasn't able to convert.


This method was able to convert about 1/2 of my 600-ish songs correctly. The others were either the wrong songs or live/acoustic versions which I didn't want. Those'll have to be replaced manually.


Let me know if that helps!

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