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Creating a deep playlist

Creating a deep playlist

First of all, I *hate* cross-posting and so I won't post this again anywhere else.  However, there doesn't appear to be any place where you can discuss "general" Spotify issues/help but only for specific devices, and while I posted this in "other" I realized it may not be appropriate (or even read) there.


 I'm trying to decide here if I want to start paying for Spotify after my free trial expires so I need to know how to do what I do in iTunes quite easily.


I'm coming from Apple Radio which has a pretty simple way of creating the playlists I like -- I can add artists, songs or genres to the list and it combines all of them into a "master" or "deep" playlist that sometimes (more often than not) works for me perfectly (it's only drawback is that it then tends to repeat the music after an hour or so, which doesn't seem right to me given how much they have to draw upon).  I can't find any way to even come close to this in Spotify.


For example, let's say I want to create a playlist for one of our Florida pool parties -- I start with the "Steel Band" genre and then add "Jimmy Buffet" (the artist) and perhaps "Girl from Ipanema" by Astrud Gilbert (a song).  All three of these things give me a terrific playlist that I can then thumbs up and down to further refine. Additionally, I can tell it I DON'T want it to play any Reggae (in the same manner as adding genre, artists or songs, I can tell it NOT to play any of those).  It only takes a few minutes to create something that's pretty impressive. I have a lot of great stations in iTunes like this -- Male Jazz singers, Female folk singers, Disney themed music, etc.  


In Spotify I can create a Radio station with an artist or a song (not a genre unless it's one of the provided ones which are VERY limited -- no Steel Bands there) but that's the end of it.  I can thumbs up and down songs, but I can't further tailor it by adding or subtracting things.  So far, with hours of use under my belt, I haven't even come close to creating a Radio station I like.


Now -- I can go ahead and create a playlist of specific songs (I assume) but if I do this I might as well use my own music library in iTunes (which has about 20K worth of songs I really like).  But perhaps I'm missing the point of Spotify, and I'm hoping here someone can enlighten me about it.

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