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Delete radio station


Delete radio station


I accidentally added a radio station for someone I really didn't want to but can't find a way to delete them from my list

Can anyone please help and tell me how to?
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The inability to delete albums sucks.  Maximizing the users experience should be the priority.  That is what I am paying $120 a year for.  I will have to eliminate all my albums to get rid of the recently added albums.  The is ass-backward.  It limits my enjoyment and makes me rethink returning to Pandora which gives me selections (similar to Spotify's albums) at  less than a third of the price.

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If your priority is radio then Pandora will be perfect for you. I prefer having total control over what I listen to and access to a huge music base.

I love SPOTIFY, but in 1 hour I realized this was a biggie.  Wish I could help.... any chance this is written in Visual Basic 6?  LOL

@jwylot wrote:

If your priority is radio then Pandora will be perfect for you. I prefer having total control over what I listen to and access to a huge music base.

Kind of my impression, too.  Spotify is a different breed, addressing different needs.  Viva la differance (sp 🙂

Just realized it may not be a simple (sic) coding issue.  Perhaps someone (hmmm?) own patents or something.  Not a programmer, but just an idea...

Peter, this go beyonds "a bit of a pain". This cuts through the key function Spotify performs. It appears to have been on the Top 10 list of things to do for over a year. The fact that one even has to ask about it is mind-blowing. The fact that it did not get immediately resolved as soon as the oversight was discovered just adds to the confusion.

What is it that Spotify developers do all day?

So why is it that the ONE station I actually do want to have available won't show up under My Stations? 13 other stations of crap I would prefer to delete refuse to go away.
This "create 20 stations to push the ones you don't want out of the list" is the laziest method of solving the problem I've ever heard of. And on top of it, it doesn't even work. I'm stuck with the first 13 stations I created, mostly by accident as I was playing with your software in order to learn how to use it.

+1'ing the request for station deletion option.


I tried out Spotify today and discovered bands that Pandora hadn't brought up despite being very similar to my favorites. I was very thrilled. But as someone who doesn't like clutter and likes everythign looking neat I found the inability to remove stations a dealbreaker. I hope this gets fixed, until then I'll stick to Pandora.

So true. This is CRAZY!! Ridiculous, esp if you are a premium member!!! UGH. Canceling until this feature can be added. A simple Google search shows hundreds of people they are loosing because they have missed the mark in this area. Their top design engineer should be FIRED, because he or she has missed a HUGE necessary feature. 

Nothing is forcing you to actually listen to the station in question, or to look at the software while listening.

This is not original to me...copied from DWSTEVENS, but VERY WELL SAID!




"I just searched the forums for delete radio station and was happy to find this thread - UNTIL I READ IT!  ???? Not being able to delete a station is ridiculous. Seriously. I'm sure the api exists to do this otherwise your test db would be full of test stations, not to mention the code is in place to clear them after 20 stations are added. A simple button with a confirmation shouldn't be too hard to add. It's so annoying to see a Rhianna station on my short list of stations. I have no idea how it even got there. PLEASE JUST FIX IT."



Back to my own thoughts.....


I love Spotify, as do the other hundreds/thousands I find on a simple Google search from various forums who are deeply disappointed about a serious design flaw, esp those of us who PAY every month for premium service. And the sad thing is, I see no real attempt to correct, which simply says to us, "Stay with us or leave...we don't care, and we don't appreciate your hard earned money!" If they did, they could roll out a fix in one of these many updates we get in just a short amount of time! 


I think I shall start a "I'm really dissatisfied with Spotify" Facebook and Twitter account to get the attention of someone who gives a crap. This may be small potatoes to Spotify, but to the customers they are so out of touch with, this is serious business! 

Evidently you are not a PAYING customer???! If I am going to spend a $120 a year, I want simple, should-have-already-been-there features in the app. 


The other features, millions of tracks to choose from, the ability to build your own playlists, the ability to incorporate local files, all these things FAR outweigh the inability to delete a radio station.  NO other service brings these to the table.


If you're here strictly for the radio feature, you'd be better served elsewhere.  DLTDHYITAOTWO.

For those of you who think that this is a minor issue, I can respect that opinion. But it isn't minor to me. I want control of what I listen to and how I listen to it. I'm willing to pay for that. I'd be willing to pay double what Spotify charges if some service would allow me to listen to the music I want to hear, the way I want to hear it. Not being able to delete stations in a reasonable way is a dealbreaker for me. So far, all streaming music services have some kind of limitation that kills it for me. I won't pay to use any of them. Spotify is close, but it's not there yet. And judging by spotify's comments they aren't willing to make a simple change that would get them a lot closer. That's a major concern to me. So for those who think I should just accept this limitation, I'm not going to do that. Spotify is not worth $10 a month to me right now.

In any case, we should still be able to delete our stations. How hard is it to add a delete button?

Rollo, your opinion is appreciated. As far as I'm concerned....I've managed without being able to delete stations. While baffling, it is not a dealbreaker on its own.
What IS a dealbreaker is the fact that Spotify just doesn't give a **bleep**. They acknowledge that its an issue, that it's been in the Top Ten list of issues for over a year. Then they say screw you, we're not going to spend one afternoon of an unpaid intern's time to take care of this. I work for a software company, and if this was how we responded to customer concerns we'd be out of business.
If Spotify won't listen to words then all I have is my dollars.

You can delete albums (playlists) but appearantly not radio stations...

I just realized, every time you play a radio station, it goes to the beginning of the list.  So just quickly play your top 6 stations and that is what will show in the window (without having to scroll).

this is not solved! it should say "ignored" or show an image of a middle finger for those of us who are spotify premium members.  we're paying to be ignored!

Add me to the list of baffled new users that this very basic functionality doesn't exist.  It didn't take long familiarizing myself with the product to realize this is a serious omission.  Not to mention, it seems to create new stations when I didn't ask it to and doesn't create them when I do want it to.


As a person considering the transition from Pandora, this is a no-brainer feature for the product manager to ensure gets added to the product.  It can't take more than 4 hours top to implement this and a few additional test cases added to the QA cycle to get this done.




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