[Desktop] Edits to playlists not registering properly since update

[Desktop] Edits to playlists not registering properly since update


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Windows 10


Ever since the recent update on the Desktop App there's been this constant bug where changes made to playlists across different platforms will not register properly on the Desktop App.


For example I will re-order a bunch of songs on the Web App and those changes will not be reflected in the Desktop App, or they will be a in a completed different order than what I did.


I didn't know why this was happening but I noticed today when I had both the Web App and Desktop App open on two different monitors, when I was moving one particular song on the Web App, the Desktop App was moving a completely different song.


No matter how many times I restarted both apps, it was convinced that Song A was Song B. This bug has happened in multiple playlists, and also occurs when I try to edit playlists on the Mobile App. It's specifically the Desktop App that will not register the changes properly. When I edit a playlist on Mobile it will appear fine on the Web App and vice versa.


I've uploaded a gif of the bug being recreated below, with both the Desktop App and Web App open side by side in real time. Left side is Desktop App, right side is Web App. 

Left side is Desktop App, Right side is Web AppLeft side is Desktop App, Right side is Web App


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Hello @jezzabells,


Thanks for reaching out here and taking the time to report this to us.


We're having trouble reproducing this on our end even after testing multiple scenarios, which makes it difficult to pinpoint and resolve the underlying issue. 


Would you mind performing a clean reinstall on the devices you use Spotify on? There could well be a caching issue on one of them, so we just want to eliminate that before we try anything else.


If that doesn't do the trick, could you provide us with the following info:

  • The exact version of the app
  • The exact steps to reproduce the behavior you described
  • Does it affect all playlists, all songs?
  • Do you have any sorting options activated on either device?

Once we have that, we'll hopefully be able to narrow down the issue.


Thanks - keep us posted!

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Hi, thanks for the reply. After I made this post I saw that someone had already made a similar thread about the same problem.


It seems the issue's been fixed now.

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