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[Desktop][Other] Poor sound quality on WIndows 10

[Desktop][Other] Poor sound quality on WIndows 10

I am new to Spotify and giving it a try with the basic service. My Windows 10 workstation has a better than decent audio system as evidenced by its delivery of expected quality on U-Tube, Pandora, and other sources. I just tried a few different albums on Spotify and all are of such low quality (uneven spectrum distribution suggesting extremely high compression and decompression, some distortion and frequencies that drop off after a few thousand kHz.


Is this normal for Spotify audio? I can A/B instantly between Spotify and other services and the difference jumps out at you.

2 Replies

This topic is quite old so I assume it is no longer relevant to the OP but, to anyone finding this topic while researching a similar issue, as I was, here's what was causing this issue for me.

The behavior described by OP was happening for me when the sound volume was set to the maximum within the Spotify app (and on a fairly low level in Windows).

Lowering the volume within the app and raising it in Windows dramatically improved the audio quality.


Win 10 Spotify app sounds crazily compressed when app volume is set to 100 % or close. BR/Mikael

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