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Desktop and mobile not talking to each other

Desktop and mobile not talking to each other







iPhone X/PC

Operating System

iOS 12.2/Windows 10


My Question or Issue

so im having some issues with communication between my PC and phone. Both logged in to the same account, have logged out and restarted both devices.


So when im playing music on my phone, my desktop app knows that its playing through my phone and states it in the device connections and the green banner at the bottom ( Playing on  ...'s iphone) , this is now not happening. playing music on my phone and then opening spotify on my PC it doesnt show what i have just been listening to in "recently played", it just seems like since this morning (working fine yesterday) the two devices are no longer talking to each other. I have also put both devices in offline mode for an hour and still no change. 


Any ideas?

4 Replies

Hey there @puremetal666,

thanks for posting !


Let's start off by checking this help page on the "Spotify Connect" feature.

It has some steps to insure your devices are properly connected.


Let me know how it goes 😃

Edit: nevermind, this only worked temporarily. problem persists.


I had this same problem. Are you using pi-hole or something similar? I added these domains to the pi-hole whitelist, and the problem stopped.

Thanks for the responses, still having issues with this, not using any blockers. 


further to this, i have confirmed that neither device is offline (dont have any playlists downloaded anyway), 100% both logged in to the same account and as im typing this my PC is playing one song and my phone is playing an entirely different song, this has got me well and truly stumped as this shouldnt be possible?

I found the problem. Its the current version of Spotify. To fix the problem you need to download an old version, like Then you need to follow a guide to "permanantly disable spotify update" otherwise spotify will auto update on you. 


This 100% fixed it for me instantly. No problems since. 


You can also stop using the SPotify program and just use "Xpotify" from the microsoft store. Its a web based client but it is actually better than the Spotify app.

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