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Disable Explicit Songs?


Disable Explicit Songs?

Is it possible to tell spotify not to play any songs with explicit lyrics?  I like to play random playlists or spotify's top lists sometimes but don't like songs with explicit lyrics. 


Any help would be appreciated.





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+1 here.  Not having an explicit filter is absolutely ridiculous.  It is one checkbox in your profile and one if statement when choosing the song to play.


c'mon Spotify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without an explicit filter it makes discovery and the radio stations poor options. We will likely cancel after our free six months on Sprint and go somewhere else. 😞

I agree with all the above work and kid comments. I stream radio stations for my office and am constantly on guard and often skipping songs if I think it's going into a non-pc area. Google play music has the feature to block edited music but the radio stationstions (not just edited ones) end up repeating music a lot. We'll see which I stick with after my Spotify trial runs out... This subject may be one of the deciding factors.

Yeah, Pandora may get my subscription and Spotify may lose it if this feature isn't made available soon! 

Has this happened yet? I'm noticing the tread stated 3 years ago...

I aggree with all your comments regarding the absence of a disable feature. One work around for those who are listening to playlists is to create a new playlist and copy and paste the original list into the new, de-selecting or erasing the songs marked explicit. Unfortunately one can't edit the radio stations.

That is a whole lot of work for something that should be automatic.

Wow! I regularly listen to Spotify within earshot of people who don't appreciate explicit language and wanted a way to guarantee that a radio playlist would exclude these unwanted songs. No way to do it and with people coding their own apps and subsequently, Spotify turns down said app, I have no option but to consider cancelling my sub and heading towards a platform that does offer functionality in this department. Sort it out Spotify!!

Can't believe they haven't sorted this after all these posts. Mainly listen to what I know but today tried their USA top tracks. After a few good tracks I got three foul misogynistic tracks with nothing but ffs all in a row. Looked for way to block them there is none. I suppose I had better to stick to playlists by known contributors.

It does suck that Spotify still refuses to offer a solution to this problem. If I could easily export my playlists and "collection" to another platform that supports this, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Yeah, I just canceled my subscription and went back to Google Play.

I'm still on a cheap Spotify subscription but hardly use it primarily due to this issue.  Using Google Play music I've developed a great way to generate radio stations, with BLOCK EXPLICIT MUSIC checked in my settings, and I get pretty much workplace authorized music.  I'll save the que of the radio station to "Work Playlist #" and add a few different varieties.  Everyone at my work (including me) is pretty happy with it!

Not familiar with Google Play's feature, but can you block explicit for simply browsing and searching songs or only on playlists?

Tweet and post about this. Since Spotify doesn't seem to be paying attention to this forum, take the battle to Twitter and Facebook.  Use #explicitlyrics and #spotifydoesntcare or something similar.

I run a business that promotes a possitve lifestyle, while most of the songs are fine, some are too "graphic" for my customers.  If Pandora can figure out how to block explicit songs, why can't Spotify?  It would make the listening experiance much more enjoyable.

I haven't spent the time figuring out how to do this with Google Play, but I'm glad to hear it works. Like many others on this thread, I wanted to utilize Spotify for a work environment - a CrossFit Box. We have kids that pop in with their parents every so often, and as a parent, I understand and appreciate their desire to try and not introduce expletives at an early age. I guess we're just a bunch of puritanical Americans, right. But I also guess if I state "Spotify has their heads up their **bleep**ing asses," that this post won't make it past their censor?


Hmm... but that would be hypocritical of Spotify, right? To impose their choice to filter my comments, yet not provide me with the same functionality? **bleep**ing hypocrites. Can't stand 'em.

Well, looks like my post got "censored." I thought we only did that in America?


Let me navigate to my other Chrome tab here - ah, there it is "Cancel Subcription."

Yes, please add this feature.

Hey ... unsubscribing doesn't do it. They couldn't care less apparently. So
my recommendation is to go to your app store and rate their app. Make sure
to include a note on your disappointment in them not offering this feature.
If enough of us do this they will hear us.

Please make this a feature!!! No doubt the reason no disable is there because of money. If they allow this then artists will complain they are blocking their songs...always comes down to who has the most money...

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