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Error Code -7


Error Code -7

I cannot get my internet to connect with Spotify. When I open the program it presents a loading screen and then goes to black with the message: 


Spotify failed to load application content (error code -7). Please verify that you have an internet connection and try again.


My internet is functional and I can load webpages, but it will not connect to the program. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this problem, including:

  • Restarting the computer
  • Disconnecting the Wi-Fi and reconnecting
  • Uninstalling Spotify and reinstalling
  • Running the program as an Administrator

None of these have worked and I continue to get the same message. I can't even find an instance of someone else receiving this error code, which is why I decided to ask for help here. Does anyone know what the problem might be?


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[SOLVED] For Mac Os


Quit Spotify and clear your browser cookies first then remove all DNS settings from your network connection.

The finel step is open terminal and administrator mode (sudo su) 

Type this  line 

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

Now open Spotify and login 


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I have the same problem....

Have you tried disabling all firewalls?

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Has anyone figured this out? I still have this issue. It wont log me on. 

I've been having this issue for a month.  


If I can't log in to my laptop, then this service is basically worthless to me and I may as well go with Pandora. 

I have been having this issue for two days now. I have re-installed the program to no avail.


My specific details: Spotify opened in Offline Mode even though I was connected to the internet and was having no issues. After closing and opening Spotify a few times I decided to log out. Now when I try to log in using Facebook, a new window reading "Logging into Spotify" appears briefly before disappearing. A moment later, the red dialogue box on Spotify appears reading "Service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. (Error code: 7)."


Well, I have tried again later multiple times now. 


I have logged in via Facebook for years now and don't even know if I have an actual Spotify UN and PW. Not to mention that my FB email is no longer in existence (or at least not under my control). It seems like I could potentially access Spotify if I had a non-FB login or if Facebook authenitcation were working. How can we get around this Error Code 7? 


pwmccall - Were you trying to log in via Facebook?


Anyone from Spotify - Help?

Yes, I originally signed in via Facebook. And like you, it was only in Offline mode.   So, I tried logging out and now I can't log in at all.

This may not be related, but I can't connect to the web player either.


I wish I had a fix, but it looks like I'm stuck in limbo until Spotify does something about this. Is there a way to reach them more directly?

I also tried resetting my device PW and got an error message.

This post describes my problem perfectly but I haven't seen any recommendations other than turning off the firewalls. Worthless...  Where is the real help? I've had Spotify for a couple of years with no problem; still works on my phone. What's going on with the help recommendations, disappointing to say the least.

Are any of you using IE? I am (company requires me to). Perhaps that is the issue?


Also, one of the Spotify folks on this forum responded to a direct message - she was basically of no help. She did provide a contact form link so I've submitted my issue there. I'll update the thread if I get a response. Here is her message to me:


Hi there,

The fastest way to get help from Spotify quickly is to search the Spotify Community. The majority of question have already been asked and answered here.

If you're still looking for a solution try the Spotify Help page for helpful FAQs on most issues.

If you haven't found your answer you can try reaching out to us via the contact form
Please note--if you already filled out the form and got an auto-response just reply again directly. You'll then hear from one of our agents shortly.

Thanks, we'll reunite you with your music shortly.

I am having this issue as well, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Also the web player seems to be broken.

I have the same problem, i dont know what can i do, 

please help me

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Happening to me today too. The rest of the internet is working fine yet they say they can't find an internet connection. I can't say whether I have a firewall or not but why should it matter? I'm a paid subscriber, what business is it of theirs what arrangements take place on any network a paid subscriber happens to be using? 😕 (Note: This is a rhetorical question. There is no adequate answer. I'm paying for this; make it easy for me or I'll take my business elsewhere, you know? iTunes is working just fine for example.)

This must be a firewall issue after all. I typically don't take my computer off it's usual network, but I did this weekend to find that I could log into Spotify again.


I'm back on the network with no issues.

Oddly, I tried to log in today and it works now. 



I solved my problem, the problem was the proxy settings. In my workplaca at the Nokia the company security doesn't access for the Spotify server. I tried a free wifi here and its works. For my work I need the inside net, so I searched a another proxy server and set it manually in the Spotify desktop app. Now it work fine.

All is working here again today BUT only after I closed the program and restarted it. Before I restarted the program it wouldn't let me log in and just kept saying the service was unavailable. So yeah, maybe after an outage try restarting your Spotify.

It remained working on my iPhone (using the same wireless network) during the time I couldn't log in. Who knows....

I was having this problem and I resolved it by turing off my VPN, as soon as I did that it worked like a charm....

How did you do that?

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