Half of the songs are not appearing in my Local Files?


Half of the songs are not appearing in my Local Files?


Hi there, I recently noticed a new problem I have just occured. When I tried to add songs onto one folder, they do not appear into my local files. I have unistalled Spotify and reinstalled. After the Reinstallation proccess, I have gone into prefrences and clicked on the folder that I wanted to listen to the music from. After I have done that, only 30 songs has appeared and not all of them. Is there a way to able to see all of the songs that I have in the folder? Thank you for your time.

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Casual Listener

Me too. It seems that when I download mp3s from outside sources that they register than when I restart spotify they are all completely wiped from my local files list. I guess it is to prevent piracy but it is very agravating when most of this music is downloaded legally with the artists consent so I would either like to know a solution to this problem or an explantion as to why it does this as well.