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Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)


Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)

Windows 8 - Is the option gone to hide Spotify on the taskbar when minimized? 


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Just wanted to say, I'm glad this was added back in.


Thanks for listening 🙂

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Still seems to be there for me when I right click the icon in the system tray.

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In Windows 8? Am I taking crazy pills?!


Edit: I must've been because I just looked again and found it. Wow. 


Using version, was just updated.


Minimise to tray is now disabled for me. Strangely, "minimised" is still available as a startup mode in preferences.


What's happening? Was it taken out or is my install broken?



Minimize to try has been removed from 1.0.1


1.0.1 will be getting more updates that bring back more of the functionality that the old version had. There will also be improvements.

So it might come back later, or it might not. I don't know. 

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Thanks for the info, @MattSuda.


As for @Spotify, I'm not so thankful. Sux when mine is the workflow that breaks. Now a habit I adopted to save taskbar space is killing my music every time. Very nice.

@MattSuda wrote:



Minimize to try has been removed from 1.0.1

You guys need to bring that feature back, it was very convenient, now everytime I press the x, thinking it'll go to my tray bar, Spotify closes.

It's a real shame it's been removed, I turned the software upside down and couldn't find the option. I use Windows 7 Pro and having Spotify among the programs I Alt+Tab is really, REALLY, unnecessary.


Hope you guys fix it (or add it back) soon.

I also find it sad this option "reduce to traybar on closing" has been removed..

Plus, overing spotify on the taskbar doesn't  give us the currently playing music's name/artist..


I can only hope hardly for this option to come back !


(on window 😎

yea this is so much of a distration for me that i've set up a pc with speakers to only run spotify

could you for the love of god bring that option back to minimize to system tray!

Can't understand how Spotify is market leader in terms of use and music availability yet the App is so funciotnally limited.

My Winamp 2.9 probably 10 year old had more options and was free app.


About the new styling though, I like it.

Oh yes the new design of the app is very well executed.
The only thing I do not like about the app is the removal of minimize to system tray.

This pissed me enough to cancel my subscription.

Please restore the option to minimize to tray asap. I will cancel as a result of this.

Yep... the "minimize to traybar and remove from taskbar" is vital to me. Please. bring it back, it's impossible to use spotify like this.

Bring the option back please, I keep closing the program by mistake


Any specific reason for it's removal?


If it was anything to do with streamlining the UE or making the program more accessible maybe it's time for a different focus group.

I just went premium 2 days ago.... and now i cant minimize to the taskbar? 



guess who's not premium anymore?



Who in the pay scale decided to downgrade the application and under what conditions? I know you can't answer but (s)he deserves to be fired on the spot.

Cancel your subscription please.

Oh believe me I had my bank block their attempts to withdraw any money on my account.

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