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Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)


Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)

Windows 8 - Is the option gone to hide Spotify on the taskbar when minimized? 

83 Replies

RBTray is not a solution because when RBTray is used System tray icon can not be used to control spotify.

Used the tutorial posted above to downgrade to old version available on filehippo (thanks indextwo and v4mp1). If the old version stops working at some point and they don't fix this issue in the new release, I am going to cancel my premium subscription.

It is driving me crazy. Everytime I open Spotify I close it and it takes a long to time to reopen it.
You really need to warn before you push your updates whenever you make this kind of feature trimming on your version. How do I rollback?

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to remove this functionality? I **bleep**ing restarted my computed 3 times and reinstalled the spotify twice thinking that the problem was in my computer. You, who thought that this could be useful should REALLY study something called user experience. And if this wasn't intentional, Spotify developers should have better tests before releasing a **bleep**ing version.

Please bring back the minimise to tray option in your next update. It's quite annoying not having it. 🙂

Also, why was the option to go to the song in your playlist when you right click on the song title in the left hand bottom corner removed? I know it's a first world problem, but it's irritating that I have to manually search for the song title in my list every time I want to delete something I don't like. 😕

I too cannot believe they removed this.  This was one of my favorite, if not my favorite feature.  Bring this back!  Why would you even think of removing this?  I love the new UI and all but it can't be that hard to keep the taskbar ability intact.  

Incredibly this ubdate, please bring back:
1. Display current track
(Currently Showing spotify only to "Spotify Unlimited or Premium")
2. Minimized on Taskbar

It is insane you would remove a function that made it possible for users to listen to music in the background yet remain productive with their taskbar.


I've been a spotify premium listener for years, but will be going to another service that doesnt take up space in my taskbar.



This had to be a mistake.


"Regarding Spotify not minimizing to the tray on Windows when you press the “close” button, we made this change deliberately based on feedback from our Community. However, we’re constantly passing feedback to our development teams so please post here if you disagree."

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Please bring this feature back.  It is annoying having to have another application icon at the bottom of the screen in windows 8 when there doesn't need to be

Agreed with everyone here.  Please bring this feature back.

The fact that the minimize to taskbar option, and thenormalize all music options were taken away, makes me very hesitant to keep my subscription. Please bring them back, or i will cancle. 

I'm also on the same boat here. 


Seems like features are removed with every new version release. 


I have lost count of how many times I accidentally close Spotify because I'm used (by habit) to clicking on X; which minimized to tray before, but now completely closes the application.

it is marked as not right now... what a joke

Where do you see that ?

This feature is crucial for me. I will cancel my subscription if it is not brought back.

Then, how to fix it!
Or is it the option is not available anymore?
I want to run spotify in the backround!


@Norwinj wrote:

Then, how to fix it!
Or is it the option is not available anymore?
I want to run spotify in the backround!



@Norwinj see if this could help

Upgraded to the new Windows 8 Desktop version today, I was shocked that all the apps have been completed removed, and the minimize to taskbar function is no longer working. There is no options in the app that can enable it. To make it worse, the new version is not any faster (if not much slower) than the last one. This is not an upgrade, more like a complete downgrade. Congrats Spotify, if you continue on this trend then you will have one less customer pretty soon.

Very dissapointed in this.  That was a key feature for me.

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