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Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)


Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)

Windows 8 - Is the option gone to hide Spotify on the taskbar when minimized? 

83 Replies

Why is this still not resolved? You're trying to lose users?

Is this forum being automatically censored? I made a wrapper application so you can hide Spotify to the tray and also control Spotify from a tray icon. You can get it from my website (adress in my profile).

They keep removing it. But anyways Googling your name works to find the app, good work on this piece of software. They should just pay you for it and make it the default for spotify. So annoying that they would just randomly take away a pretty key feature for a music player. 

Please bring back the ability to minimize to tray. My taskbar is busy enough as it is. Which "genius" even came up with the idea to remove it?

Please bring back the minimise to tray option. My taskbar gets cluttered enough - drives my OCD crazy!


Cheers Guys.

RBTray is super easy app for "minimize to tray" (right click).

wow u made me downgrade this **bleep**. thanks

on version 1.03.101.(insert gibberish)dfe


yes, guess what? this feature has been removed again.


its like spotify is purposely **bleep**ing with its customers. why remove something that has become a user habit of using any basic UIs?



Thanks Vitre, RBTray worked for me. I tried witch masters solution first but it didnt work for me in windows 8.1

Guess if I'm the only one who gave up using spotify after this?

Dude just downgrade it

bies, no, you're not the only one. There's another thread about this where you can see, that many people (including me) cancelled their subscription until this "bug" is fixed.

It does work for me in Windows 8.1. Just make sure to click the tray icon to hide spotify, not spotify's minimize or close buttons.

Wow, this is the silliest think that I have ever faced. Smiley Surprised

I’m a developer and my taskbar is always crowded thus there is no place for spotify application. Better to choose my local music provider accounts!

indeed, i've switched to buying the tracks I need and using winamp to play them, it's been quite a few years since i've used this good old music player but steps must be taken to be able to listen to music and be able to work at the same time without screen noise.

It makes no sense to remove the option to minimize Spotify to the system tray.


This is stupid enough already, not to mention the countless other essential features they removed for no reason, but what really frustrates me the most is the total lack of response from the developers to justify their foolish recent changes. Unsubscribed. 


There are plenty of "alternate routes" to listen to music, although I will miss the good times I've had using Spotify for many years. If this is how they treat their loyal customers that says a lot about their lack of integrity. 


Bunch of philistines.

Add one more annoyed user to the list. I use Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Spotify

And I'm also considering leaving Spotify until this is fixed. I am already subscriber Google Music which has 3rd party clients without this simple, but annying problem.

I have switched as well; cancelled my premium.  Spotify removes features from the PC client with every upgrade.  Vote with your wallet, unsubscribe and they'll be forced to listen to your feedback.

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